Tuesday , January 26 2021

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The stock market in Thailand seems to be balanced Investors adjust their portfolios to maintain debt securities due to concerns about the slowdown in the US economy. The strategy recommends the purchase: short-term sale, focusing on good prices at a very low price. KBank, GULF, MTC, ROBINS, BTS, GUNKUL, UTP, KCE.

Dr. Win Udom Ruchavanich Chairman of the Executive Committee KTB (Thailand) Public Company Limited (KTBST) predicts the Thai stock market this week (November 12-16), which may fluctuate in the direction of the global market. Especially from the United States. Investors that buy in the securities market reflect this. Concerns about the economic downturn in the US UU. As a consequence of the commercial war on other factors. The election results ended. Democrats are back in the low house. Crashed with the president of EE. U., It is considered negative for the stock market, but KTBST should benefit other countries, including Thailand, in terms of commercial negotiations. See the impact on the US economy.

Another important factor is the direction of the interests of the United States. The Fed is likely to raise interest rates for the fourth time this year at a Federal Reserve meeting on December 18-19, which causes investors to continue adjusting their portfolios. And the effect on the stock market in emerging markets. Last week, funds began to return to emerging markets (EM). But at the end of the week, money and stock markets were sold by foreign investors. Reflect the emerging market trends in relation to the US market.

Crude oil prices should take into account the urgent negotiations of oil producers to reduce production. Crude oil futures and WTI dropped to $ 69.9 and $ 60, respectively, and reflect concerns about high volumes.

Domestic factors, quarterly revenue growth of Bt1.51bn + 26% YoY + 4% QoQ. Excluding the banking, energy and petrochemical sectors, growth was only 6.5% EO and -5.2% QoQ. Show that only a few gains in the market. Therefore, it is necessary to control the performance of the stock individually. It may not grow as much as the market.

For the investment this week, KTBST expects the index to run within the range of 1,650-1,700. The direction of the Thai stock market will be based on the US stock market. U., But the political factors in the country move towards the stages to prepare for the election. It is positive for the stock market. The Thai stock market is still volatile. We need to focus on "buy and sell", but it is a good time to buy a good stock. This week, the KTBST focuses on stronger actions than KBANK, GULF, MTC, ROBINS, BTS, GUNKUL, UTP and KCE.

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