Thursday , July 29 2021

A serious increase in lung cancer in women

B revealed the economic burden of lung cancer in the lung cancer report in Turkey & # 39; Turkey was announced at a meeting.

Member of the Editorial and Scientific Committee of Lung Cancer Dr. Dr. İrfan Çiçin, "Women with the greatest participation in social life, especially in smoking habits. Lung cancer is a serious increase in the incidence of cancer.

At the meeting held in Ankara, the Association of lung cancer, lung Health and Intensive Care Society, University of Health Sciences, Turkish Medical Oncology Association, Cancer Institute Turkey and Search Respiratory Turkey gathered many participants of the Association. In this report, in addition to the economic burden of lung cancer, risk factors and prevention of lung cancer, early diagnosis and detection, diagnosis and treatment and treatment support programs were discussed. The meeting analyzed the current situation in Turkey and the improvements that can be made through the determination of the points, solutions have been presented.

Economic burden caused in Turkey of lung cancer, all direct and indirect costs in a comprehensive manner, taking into account the report reveals, according to the report of the lung cancer in Turkey, lung cancer, the total economic burden in Turkey 8 million 791 million 885 thousand 18 In TL. According to the report, the direct cost per patient was 48 thousand 731 TL in patients with small cell lung cancer and 56 thousand 478 TL in patients with non-small cell lung cancer. The average cost per patient increased to 175 thousand 838 TL with the inclusion of indirect costs. The report reported that indirect costs in lung cancer had an important share in the total economic burden.

President of the Turkish Association of Medical Oncology Dr. Dr. Mahmut Silver, lung cancer is a serious health problem, he said. It shows that men are a type of cancer that indicates that Silver said:

"I have a three-pronged approach to raise awareness and fight. First and foremost we must avoid the role of smoking. Our cigarette struggle is also equivalent to fighting lung cancer. The relationship between both is very obvious. Stage, early diagnosis is important, as in other types of cancer, consciousness of the first symptoms and the fight against these diseases will facilitate our struggle. It seems possible to leave. "


Member of the Editorial and Scientific Committee of Lung Cancer Dr. İrfan Çiçin, lung cancer is a type of preventable cancer, he said. Noting that protection against lung cancer is extremely simple, Çiçin said:

"Smoking and tobacco habits, but we have patients in tobacco and smoking habits have been put to life. Detection of people entering the group of high risk diseases by professional doctors can increase the chances of early diagnosis Smoking is the most important factor in lung cancer, it increases smoking in all age groups, in each occupational group and in each sex, lung cancer is increasing. The frequency of lung cancer in men began to draw horizontally at a certain point. However, with the increase in women's participation in social life, smoking habits are increasing and there is a serious increase in the frequency of lung cancer. Lung cancer is one of the most preventable cancers among types of cancer Cancer prevention is a much more effective approach than all treatment methods, for which it is necessary to give important public fights in the private sector ado and in society ".

PROF. DR. NURİ KARADURMUŞ: Cancer is recognized in the initial period, the chance to remain alive increases to 70 percent

Cancer report Turkey Lung and Scientific Editorial Counselor Prof. Dr Nuri Karadurmuş, said that the problem of the whole world, not only in Turkey, of lung cancer. Karadurmuş most common in men in Turkey and underlined that the most lethal types of cancer, lung cancer, said:

"Lung cancer is the problem of the whole world. It is the most common type of cancer in men in Turkey and, unfortunately, the most lethal cancer. Although it is the fifth most common type of cancer in women, it does not diminish Its importance, therefore, our treatment, effective treatment and the Ministry of Health are protecting our patients at all times. Anti-smoking campaigns are very effective, especially when school-age children see smoking as a risk factor When they return to public places, the scientific studies carried out with the support of the Ministry of Health, the determination of the country's risk factors and the pilot study from the beginning of the country's research to reflect throughout the country will bring about success.

The pulmonary report is a remarkable report that Karadurmuş expresses, completed his speech as follows:

"Cancer is a sad process that leads to an important marathon death. We try to destroy it in a way, to avoid death, keep the patient in society and a society of good quality of life. It covers only half a billion dollars of 1,500 million of dollars spent on lung cancer and we can dedicate 3 to 1 numbers to the place where we will really spend a lot of effort. Situations pose a loss of $ 1,000 million. We have to be aware. We must be away from smoking. We should all notify you. " – Ankara

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