Thursday , September 23 2021

Hidden dangers in our bodies: Embolism

There are many reasons for the embolism that we can call Pek in his body as a silent killer. According to Haberturk Ceyda Erenoğlu, he has not reported that the most common embolus of a clot or atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), that is to say, the lime layer of the vessel is blocked. Medical Park of the Antalya Hospital Complex Dr. Hüseyin Okutan gives information about embolism.


There are many reasons that lead to embolism. A clot that usually accumulates in the left atrium of the heart (this is due to valve disease or rhythmic disorder called kulak of atrial fibrillation) is a problem related to the heart of the left ventricle and the aorta. The clot in the brain and the obstruction of a part of the brain can cause a stroke and may be temporary or permanent. The clots that emerge from here can block the veins of the arm and legs or the intestinal vessels in the abdomen. Complaints from these patients may also vary depending on the location. When you see them from the brain, they become clogged; If the engine is affected, the patient is not able to use the arm and legs. If speech center is affected, speech loss can cause visual impairment if the vision center is affected. When the vein of the arm is blocked, there is pain or inactivity on the arm. Pain in the veins of the legs while walking again, the heart changes in the form of symptoms. Embolism can cause fatal problems such as bowel necrosis. Complaints generally depend on organ anemia that is obstructed; Pain, cramps, nutritional disorders. The clots or cells that accumulate in these caps due to the diseases of the heart valves can also break the different vessels of our bodies and cause embolism. Symptoms and similar complaints appear in these patients.


As a result of embolism, the waiting risks of the patients depend entirely on the ship that has been blocked and the affected organ. This problem must be resolved in minutes if the embolia blocks the cerebral vein. If the problem is throat, work is done to melt. Sometimes patients may suffer some permanent damage. After that, physical therapy is necessary. Professor Dr. Hüseyin Okutan says that the clots that throw arms and legs can be surgically removed and the circulation can be regulated. The delay of the intervention may cause the loss of limbs, such as the arm or the leg.

If you have heart valve disease

One affirms that the important thing in the patients with embolism is to find the cause of the problem. If the cause is a rhythm disorder, it is necessary to correct the rhythm, make anticoagulants and give several drugs. If the valve disease that leads to embolism and surgical intervention is necessary, it is very important to notify the patient and perform this operation.

Do not break the regular control

Cardiac embolisms are called "atrial fibrillation", such as arrhythmia and heart valves. To be protected from risk, it is necessary to investigate whether there is such a disease. In the case of such a disease, the treatment should be done with regular controls, anticoagulants and other drugs. In patients who underwent surgery due to vascular occlusion, a clog may occur due to obstruction of new vessels. Patients should be advised about this problem and should not ignore regular checks.

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