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Important explanations of Ömer Çelik – Breaking News

The statements of Çelik are the following:

This is a success in the history of democracy in the world. The AK Party for the 15th time was the first of the elections, worthy of the approval of the great nation. The history of democracy has a series of general perceptions within it. One of them; the party or the ruling parties wear out, the opposition parties grow. But perhaps world democracy in the history of the transition, the ruling party, the AK Party, is growing, it does not break the bond with the nation.


On the other hand, the opposition parties, although they are in opposition, but because they are busy with other things that say they will speak the words of the people. In several places, investigations are carried out. For example, it is made in Japan kadar This is an example of success in terms of the AK Party, which will require work on itself. To be worthy of this support, the AK Party continually evaluates how to strengthen its ties with the nation through several units.

The president of the Republic of Turkey, the cities, the provinces and the districts gave an investigation order to fully understand the message given by the citizen. What are the problems with which our citizens are not satisfied? What are your expectations? How should we manage our policy as a political movement connected with the root of the soul of the nation? He entrusted all the units that understood this. Nowadays the evaluation of the studies carried out in the electoral process will be made.

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"IN THE NEW PERIOD We will see the municipalities for the revolution of government works"

Turkey made changes to the system. In the referendum, the general elections and local elections were approved consecutively. This system will continue its way. In the new period, we will see the reflection of the municipalities and the works of the State. The theme of politics, the theme of the State are not some groups, but our citizens. The government needs 50 percent of the votes.

Of course it is our tradition. We will carry out these works within the framework of the instructions of the president. Similarly, it still works as a part without any fault. As the president continues his activities; He saw that the visit to Russia, accepted by the president of Bolivia, was in Gölbaşı today.


These instructions will be carried out by the units and the 28th meeting of consultation and evaluation will be held. It will be held at Kızılcahamam on April 26 and 27. Members of the FMC MKYK members, the Council of Ministers, the FMC youth branches, women's branches, FMC, metropolitan mayors, mayors of the province, mayors and mayors will be invited to the meeting. This will be done in an integral way, even after a month.

Turkish trial to the ECHR

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We congratulate Saadet Yüksel on his election as a judge of the ECHR. We congratulate Mrs. Saadet. Exercise jurisprudence of human rights away from a series of political considerations, which we call judicial activism, is important because it is one of the most important areas of reference in the world.

In the case of reckless practices against international law, as in the case of Israel, human rights judgments will be important. We hope that the next period will be a great contribution to the protection of these principles as a judge elected from Turkey.


It is said that the result will appear on Friday. We keep up close. Unfortunately, we see a race between them all in the direction of hostility towards the Palestinians. The general rule that violates the rights of the Palestinians and ignores international law and the resolutions of the United Nations. Netanyahu, to forget the corruption of the West Bank to legitimize the occupation.

Unfortunately, it is behind the encouragement of the president of the United States for the decision of Jerusalem and the reckless approaches to the Golan Heights. In the period ahead, Turkey will make more prospective initiatives needed to move the way. We are waiting for the false Jerusalem, the Golan Heights, so that their voices are heard in high ways.


A resolution was sent to the Italian parliament about the events of 1915. This is a new step in the diaspora of the Armenian diaspora. We strongly condemn this motion. The necessary explanations were also made. It is the explanation of some of the Italian authorities for an excessive account of the massacres.

You're coming to the diaspora game, that you do not want the Armenian diaspora to normalize these relationships in any way. If you're talking about massacres, we call your own story. In Libya, for example, between 1911 and 1940 until you face actions that you have a benefit. He will be able to contribute to the sensitivity of the colony of colonialism. Hundreds of thousands of African Muslims lost their lives in the camps they mounted. The people of Sirenayka suffered a great persecution for the massacre. A quarter of the Sirenayka population of 225,000 people died. At this time, the use of chemical weapons, including the delivery of prisoners of war, the use of chemical gases, such as the use of very serious work, was signed. Ethnic cleansing was carried out eliminating 100 thousand sirens from forced places. If you say that the confrontations in this matter will contribute to history and humanity, face them. Leaving aside the history of other states. Poisoned mustard garnet guns on escaped insurgents. In 1941 they killed 300,000 people.


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The president of the Republic made a call. "We open the files," he. We once again warn that historians should develop a dialogue on issues that people need to develop dialogue in this way.

It also provides for any type of standardization. This is the biggest damage for Armenians living in Armenia. Because there is no direct relationship between interest groups fed by the economy of genocide and Armenians.

We remind our Italian friends. In the next period there are many issues with which we must cooperate, such as the migratory crisis, NATO and the fight against terrorism. The reason for the existence of the policy is to reduce the costs. In this way, we remember that this attitude is wrong and that it is bad that we can lead to irreversible damage in the Turkish-Italian relations.


The difference in the number of invalid votes fell to 14 thousand. This is the case where there is a double difference between the two. Our friends demanded that all the boxes be counted. Unfortunately, this request was not accepted. In a place that can be considered the capital of Europe, when there are so many voters; In that case, you should sit indisputably in that seat.

The difference of 29 thousand fell as a result of a short 14 thousand account. The allegations set forth herein, the allegations made by our friends with the documents were important for the citizen's willingness to count the votes completely. The refusal did not clarify, a chaotic situation arose. As our vice president explained, we will appeal to the extraordinary patio

CHP "does not continually accept the results, it refers to additional ways & # 39; as the statement does. Our wish is for the results to appear clearly. None of the ways we apply is invented. Well, it is necessary to ask me. Do not use your legitimate rights continuously while maintaining the legitimate appeal. What significance do you have to give up on these counts? The system would not put them in the first place. Why has the legislator objected to the electoral process? You are planning the current situation. There are many documents, information. these are transferred to YSK. In this context, the results of the count do not crystallize when the result of the account falls.

Is the appeal legal? Yes, it's the law. Extraordinary objection is again a path for the legislator. Our desire is the appearance of the result of the elections. We saw it in Ankara. We made our objections. As a result, the SBE decided. The corresponding candidate took the mazbataki. He congratulated and, as a result, went to the Mausoleum of Constantinople. Anıtkabir did not abuse his notebook to write a fake title. Ankara met with the new mayor. This process has to be clarified in Istanbul in the same way.


Take this, you do not know these results. They said that you threatened the YSK until yesterday. Now will not they be ashamed? YSK declined our request. Who threatened the YSK? Those who threaten their families at the head of the media, can criticize AA, threatens the general director, the family; You can also criticize the media, giving the surnames of those people, addressing individuals, giving family surnames the head of the media, if such a job is done, this is a crime of hatred. You are doing the wrong. You are threatening YSK.

Our respect is essential. We say that the decision of the judiciary is above our heads. If the printout was configured, the decision came out in a way that we wanted. Instead, decide freely. The most important thing is this. There should be no doubt in the minds of the people when making a decision.

Two numerical results. and the result will be revealed. For Istanbul, the result is not clear. An extraordinary appeal will be applied. I invite you to apologize. Due to the threats to the YSK, we invite you to relive the constitution and apologize for the threats of families addressed to the CHP candidate who threatens the families of the media chiefs, judges, family and families. This public opinion is open.

If we are in our favor, also against us; He will say that this is the will of our nation, we will say that there is a place on the head as we will take. Of course, we will not renounce the judicial appeal process.

Meanwhile, the candidates for this alliance, the presidents are dealing with a single problem. They use the expressions used by the black propaganda centers abroad for our president. The thesis of the extreme right in Europe is to be wise to hear the leaders of the political parties in Turkey, it is in a lamentable situation.

Through social networks, some dark types continue to call provocation. Every type of chaos has the same types. These are 10-20 names, I do not want to mention their name. We against them every step of which Turkey is a guarantor of interests in the Middle East. These circles are continuously indicating the fate of Turkey. It seems they have an activity in this election, but this time they will be lost. We should all be proud of it. These types of dark, found that calls to chaos in Turkey, within the framework of the invitation that he made in social media, young people, our citizens, our citizens shows the same response from all parts of different lifestyles. "We are all a Turkiye. It does not interfere in our internal affairs. One of our fellow citizens when we read different opinions, but everyone in different political parties, wants to emphasize that we find this attitude with great respect as a single Türkiye & # 39; yiz.

"A negative situation is the first time we have had

Perhaps this is the first time we find our political life, and unfortunately this is a very negative situation. For the first time in our political life, we have seen this open and evident racism by a mayor. So the mayor of Bolu CHP took possession, declared that all the aid to the oppressed Syrians who lived in the city were arrested. Look, this is a team of mayors abroad. They have an extreme right head. They are the same language that the Turks and Muslims use against refugees. And this is the first time. In addition, this mayor begins his career kissing the Holy Qur'an. I invite you to read the Holy Quran that kisses. The baccarat will see what is recommended in verse 177. The truth is that what someone does is that the orphans spend their dear goods for the poor Now we want to hear what the CHP administration is saying against the signatories of this fascist practice Şimdi

Some are proud of the mayor of Paris. Do you know what he did? He placed blocks of rocks under several bridges so that refugees could not be under that bridge. Again, the mayor of Paris complained of the students for distributing soups. They are not the sample receivers, and this is something that our nation will reject. Something so shameful has never happened in our history. We are a nation that is always known as a guest. So I would like to emphasize that what they do is not a question in our tradition or in our political history. This is a great shame. Turkish politics are not responsible for this shame. is responsible for doing so.

The right extremists in Europe are used by the fascist argument. It is as if every refuge was not paradise; all kinds of negativity, the refusal is trying to load these refugees. If there is any problem anywhere, you are trying to demolish people who immediately escaped this death. We think that our brothers of Bolulu will consider what is against the persecution.


The existence is a whole. You must be in total respect for existence. Therefore, the action against the creatures that we share life on Earth is no different from action against humans. The President of the Republic of Turkey has said about the law on the protection of animals. Topyekun warned the state institutions. In our tradition, they have landed for homeless animals and falls in the courtyard of the mosque. We are the first nation in history to open an animal hospital. More importantly, a source of love and compassion, our prophet bird was a child to die. The animal, the human plant, all living and non-living beings are all alive. In fact, the whole being must be respected. The sensitivity of our president is at the highest level.

We want to share with all our friends that we are aware of this situation and that we are aware of it. If there is any situation in this matter, we will follow closely if we notify our party.



There are currently no details on indemnification for compensation. I know you talked a lot. Share with you when they happen. Have a legal period. Fusion reports are expected to occur. At the moment no reference is made. You have legal deadlines within the framework. the application will take place. There is currently no reference, but it will be done. There is a study that the YSK will end. Next, the calendar will process.


History can not tell you now. The increase in sanctions focuses on accuracy, but the penalties increase increases are important. But the important thing is high sensitivity. Most of the time, it has been with the duties of animal rights associations. We thank those who are aware of it. There is much to be done about education, from families, to the creation of children with pets. Criminal settlement is a result. He almost finished working. If the calendar is safe, we will let you know. There is no lack of will, but the general sensitivity to these questions is essential; For example, in the tradition of poles that were placed in buildings, animals are now attracted near the wire fence. This is also something about sensitivity in a society. In our tradition, even the stone has changed. There is a problem with it today. It's about feeling what you have to perceive. The media are very sensitive news last time.

The details are coming …

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