Thursday , October 28 2021

Olive oil protects against radiation! | ARE TV


Dr Ender Sarac stated that olive oil has protective properties against cancer and Alzheimer's disease. Saraç's olive oil, especially against the harmful effects of radiation has a protective effect, reduced cholesterol and sugar, he said. Dr. Saraç, or The greatest benefit of olive oil is currently protecting against radiation. said.


Dr Ender Sarac, the indispensable element of our age radiated by cell phones and electromagnetic effects, underlined that the elimination of olive oil.

According to the UAV report; Dr. Sarac collected olives at the Zeytin Milas Harvest Festival and then made a presentation on the benefits of olive oil. Dr Saraç gave recipes for olive oil and olive oil for a healthy life and gave important advice.

Sara said he knew very well the cultivation of olive oil such as Cretan and recent scientific research has pointed out that olive oil has a protective feature against Alzheimer's disease. Olive oil reduces cholesterol, opens channels, nourishes the skin and relieves stomach diseases when consumed with a power grenade. In the following years, Alzheimer's disease, cancer, as the publication of diseases, are planned to prevent. Therefore, scientific studies focused on Alzheimer's have revealed that olive oil offers miraculous benefits in terms of health. Regular consumption of olive oil reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. When we look back in history, I think famous philosophers and people of thought often grow up in the Aegean region, which is related to the consumption of olive oil. Geçmiş


Dr. O Dr. Ender Sarac, the olive oil consumption of cell phones and protects them from the effects of radiation that radiates the eye: olive oil, the effect of blood pressure reduction. Because it is an unsaturated oil, it prevents the production of born oils. Very successful results are obtained especially against cholesterol. At the same time, olive oil is a very good source of fiber. It runs the intestines, but also prevents the reduction of cholesterol and the formation of bad plaques in the intestine.

Everyone is using a mobile phone and we all carry the mobile phone. There have been many new scientific research in America. A large amount of vitamin E has been introduced to prevent radiation and the electromagnetic effects of cell phones. But when vitamin E is taken artificially, there are some problems. Vitamin E, which is not taken naturally, causes poisoning. But the body with olive oil, pistachios and pine nuts, the body naturally carries vitamin E. Meanwhile, one of the biggest benefits of olive oil is fat soluble. Vitamins K, E, olive oil is abundant. The best way to take vitamin E naturally is to consume a lot of olive oil

In particular, cancer, Alzheimer's, the effects of radiation against the protective effect of olive oil and cholesterol and sugar reduce, Dr. Sara, or The greatest benefit of olive oil is currently protecting against radiation. Olive oil is the main health factor and does not contain cholesterol and even reduces fat. Olive oil is the largest preservative against these radiations and carcinogenic factors due to its high olive oil content. Simply consume olive oil as much as a cup of tea per day. Olive oil is a very powerful antioxidant. Protects against Alzheimer's from heart disease, cancer, severe rheumatic diseases. Lubricate the joints when taken orally. Fight against unsaturated fats. The most important characteristic of the olive is that there is almost no sugar. Patients with diabetes, olive oil can safely consume.


Dr. Ender Saraç: "When we look back at the famous philosophers and think that people in general in the Aegean, the consumption of olive oil is related to what I thought," he said after adding that the serotonin hormone in olive oil increases happiness and intelligence: olive oil contains a large amount of serotonin substance. Serotonin increases the hormone of happiness. The fact that philosophers who make all people happy to leave the Aegean region depends on consuming too much oil.

The biggest cause of cancer is stress. Olive oil protects against cancer and increases happiness. Ulceration and gastritis are very good. Olive oil was found to protect against breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men. He is also in the preventive task against colon cancer in both sexes. olives; It is an incredible miracle with its leaves, seeds, fruits and oil. Olive leaf is deadly. At the same time, the olive leaf reduces both cholesterol and sugar. The protective antioxidant substance of the liver is included.

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