Friday , June 18 2021

The daily consumption of walnut nutrition does not affect the weight of the elderly

The researchers from the Hospital Clínico de Barcelona (CIBERobn) and the University of Loma Linda have investigated whether nuts play a role in healthy aging. According to a sub-study of the newly published Walnut and Healthy Aging Survey (WAHA) in the Nutrients magazine; Nut (up to 300 calories) can be included in the daily diet of healthy and elderly individuals without causing any adverse effect on body weight or the body's component.

The main researcher of the WAHA study and co-author of the study. Joan Sabate, previous studies that examined the consumption of nuts and body weight, but are younger and more focused people in a short space of time, said: "We expected elderly people to add to nutritional habits without worrying about weight gain. The situation has already been proven by the investigation, "he said.

There is a common misconception that fat in the nut causes weight gain

One of the main authors of the study, Edward Bitok, walnut oil causes weight gain and, therefore, obesity or heart disease or other health problems such as diabetes can lead to a common misunderstanding, he said.

Biton; "We want to do research to prove that the oil in the walnut is not healthy and leads to weight gain. The main purpose of this sub-study is to determine whether walnut eaters are at risk of getting a greater weight gain compared to those that do not. "

The WAHA study was a one-year study by researchers from the Center for Biomedical Research and Hospital of the Barcelona Obesity and Nutrition Clinic (CIBERobn) and the University of Loma Linda and proved that the daily consumption of nuts was associated with the cognitive attenuation related to age and macular degeneration related to age in the elderly. This makes it important to prove if nutrition plays a role in healthy aging.

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