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The favorite of the championship Başakşehir @

When a very specific description Everton forward Cenk Tosun from Turkey …

The most expensive player was transferred abroad from Turkey, Cenk Tosun.

Who grew up in Germany, guiding his career in Turkey and we talked about major football leagues in the world in corner singing Cenk managed to be transferred to one of the most established clubs still being inadequate.

Gaziantepspor after the exit of Besiktas and the black and white team of four in one of business ethics raising the steps of the forward of 27 years, the determination of the type of Turkish soccer player should be an example.

Although Demba Ba and Mario Gomez are the substitute for two stars in the world, Cenk has been developed instead of abducting it and owes its performance in the 2016-17 season and in the first half of the 2017-18 season. "The most special championship for me was 2016-17 because I played more in it". by Cenk Tosun. They are right.

He is going through a similar process in Everton, Cenk. The transition to Marco Silva after Sam Allardyce became stronger for him. Due to the great way Richarlison can not give up and continue working on the first 11.

Pride from Turkey Cenk England from Everton, the Merseyside derby, Besiktas, we talked with Ryan Babel. There was an interview that you could read with pleasure.

Exclusive interview by Cenk Tosun

He scored the most goals in Everton in the second half of last year. Do you think that it is adapting very quickly to the Premier League?

Of course, the first months were not easy. It comes from a different league, it comes from a different culture. But then I can say I snap quickly. I opened much towards the end and scored good goals. As I said, it was the one that scored the most goals in the second period last year.

How would you describe the differences between Marco Silva and Sam Allardyce in terms of football that you are playing now?

Sam Allardyce is a very experienced teacher. He taught for many years in England. He was a teacher who loved like a man. He has brought me here. Very well brought. Did the besiktas follow many games? he told me himself. He said he wanted this transfer a lot. He gave me that confidence, and that's why I chose Everton. Sam Hodja was a bit more defensive at the time. We had to take the ball, get longer balls, then the second balls and try to score the ball. We're playing football more offensive with Marco Hodja. Whoever is the opponent, we usually welcome the opponent in the second third zone. We are trying to get out of the offensive.

Who is your best friend and your best friend?

I am very well with everyone, all very friendly. But I got the best deal, number 23, our Seamus Coleman. He really helped One of the legends of this place. He has been playing in this club for 9-10 years. Fans love it a lot. He is wearing my number, number 23 (Laughter). Still taking it. A doorman [Maarten] Stekelenburg. I usually feel with him, I will have a chat with him. I can say these two names.

How do you compare the atmosphere between Goodison Park and Vodafone Park?

Here's a very good atmosphere. It is a very well-established club. The atmosphere is very good. But everything in Beşiktaş was very different. I can say that Besiktas is the world's best defender. I am telling you this everywhere. But Everton supporters are similar to each other. Here we see more activity. The man takes his son, leaves in the morning, eats the food in the stadium, drinks the beer and then comes the game. Have fun after the game. He spends all day that day. And here they love equipment in their own cities. I love England. Which city he lives in, supports that team. I like it a lot

Some fanatics make think about Duncan Ferguson. Is it a burden on your shoulders? How does Duncan help you in practice?

It helps a lot. Although he did not play for a long time, he did it very well. He was a soccer player who our fans adored. Isir was a soccer player who gave everything he had to fight for his club. It's good to call by name. After training, we are working with a goal kick. He has been playing a lot since I was here.

What do you think of Everton's goals this year? Does Manchester United do its first 6 goals?

We are the team that comes after the elders. We are required to play in Europe every year. Last year we finished eighth and we could not go to Europe. We did not have a good season. We did not spend the first time. In the second round it was a little better for the season after the arrival. We have created a really good team this year. Pleasant transfers. The position that our supporters and presidents deserve is Europe. It is imperative to go to Europe. The first 6, the first 7 will be the goals of this year.

Compared with what the derby derby of Merseyside in differences or similarities Turkey, what does that say?

A very pretty derby, one of the biggest derbies in the world. I was a great derby in Turkey. I went to Liverpool Derby here. Both are very excited. The city is in two. When they played against Galatasaray and Fenerbahce in Istanbul, there was a very different climate in the city. Here too. You can see the blue and red colors on the streets. It is a very special day for us.

Sometimes in Turkey [futbolun] They forget that it is about sports. Some athletes have very bad events both inside and outside the field. It's not like that here. Liverpool and Everton coaches can see the match aside. The positions are very close. I never saw it happen. Because I was looking before. There was no incident in our encounter last season. Everyone gave their hand, he entered. Sometimes it is forgotten that it is a sport in Turkey. We are emotional people, Turks. In both atmospheres it is very pleasant, but here it is hired more professional.

What do you think of Marcel Brandt and his contribution to the team? What do you say to the new players?

Marcel Brandt, really, very good at work, and has a character of 10 characters. His job in the Netherlands is obvious. Then he arrived at a great club like Everton. Very professional, good at work. He joins us to work out of work, trying to support us. The arrival of Brandt was a great victory. We made the transfers a little later this season, but we made transfers of points. We made expensive transfers. I think it's worth it. They all made a contribution.

What do you think of Richarlison?

Richarlison is a very young player. There is much to learn, but, despite this age, it is so experienced and dynamic that it surprises me that it is good. The road is very open. If so, a footballer with the potential to play in the best clubs in the world.

If you compare the Premier League with the Super League, how can you tell the differences?

Here football plays faster. He had already noticed when he was watching him and, once I got here, I realized. The ball never stops working. The game will not stop unless you crown. The referees also allow it. Sometimes I hear bony sounds. Here you play harder and faster football. based on more technical soccer goes to Turkey. That's the difference between them.

You really think more physical, Super League. If they ask, is it more physical than outside?

I think this is a physical league. There are many physical soccer players. There are soccer players playing very hard. Two or three times a week, compulsorily, put us in the lounge. Turkey based on more technical. This is the energy base.

Are you increasing the pace as a striker?

Of course, at first, it was not easy to come here from Turkey immediately to ensure fulfillment. But when I ate exercises, my body was used to it. It was good

Still talking to Ryan Babel?


He was one of his best friends. I'm going to ask you about the relationship. You are very close, you will be happy after each golden talk.

We had a special joy. I have really good memories in Besiktas. Babel is in those memories. Most Besiktas players, with more neighbors, once a week, talk twice a week. I do not think that bond is ever broken. I had very good memories in Besiktas.

The three big ones in Turkey season did not start very well. On the one hand it has become a competitive league. In the last season, there was a race until the last weeks. What is your comment on this?

There is no league where three teams dominate as before. I think this is something very good. One of the three got to be champion or Trabzonspor. It is not so much more. Başakşehir, be Bursaspor, these teams are pushing the big teams. Basaksehir has been playing soccer for some years. They are just where they deserve. If they continue like this, the biggest candidate in the championship is Başakşehir.

Chelsea and match [Aralık ayının başındaki] What do you think about the Merseyside derby?

We want to go well with the national team. We win our last game. We had three wins in the last four games. There is a game of Manchester United. Chelsea is a very strong opponent. A difficult move But I trust our team. If we score points or points ahead, we can say that we are well ahead of this process. As I said, it will be a good game. It will be difficult. For the derby? I had the time of last year. There is a very different environment in these games. There is no question of motivation. Everyone is motivated by these games. I'm looking forward to that game. If I can separate the goal from that game, I will enter the heart and defender's eye because they are very important in this game.

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