Tuesday , June 22 2021

The proposal of a law against violence in health was approved by the Parliamentary Committee

The proposal of the Law on aid to certain laws and decrees related to health, which impose sanctions on health workers, including regulations in the field of health, was adopted in the Parliamentary Committee on Health, Family, Labor and Social Affairs. Violence against health workers will be considered as the reason for the arrest if the offer is promulgated.

Following negotiations, article 24 of the proposal was approved, to prevent violence against health workers. In accordance with this, those who are suspected of crimes deliberated by their duties to staff working in institutions and health organizations will be captured by law enforcement officers and the necessary procedures will be carried out and transferred to the Attorney General.

The Public Prosecutor will carry out judicial proceedings. In the investigation of these crimes, statements by medical personnel who are whistleblowers, victims or witnesses by law enforcement agencies will be taken in the workplace.

Second AA; These provisions will also apply to deliberate crimes due to their functions to staff working in institutions and private health organizations.

What are the legal offers?

Proposals, licensed or non-licensed drugs are not on the market in Turkey, as a recipe for personal use permission from the Ministry of Pharmaceutical Union of Turkey (TEB) brings solutions for the shortage of materials from abroad.

Therefore, TEB, as well as the Social Security Institution (SSI) and the public institutions / organizations approved by the Ministry of Health for personal use from the outside of the drug, can be delivered directly to the patients.

In this way, the supply of drugs brought from abroad by the hospitals will be provided.

For these medications, the license will be filed by the holder of the license / license within 3 years from the date of entry to the international pharmaceutical list and the license will be issued within a maximum period of 2 years.

The president may decide on the continuation of the purchase of medicines for which no license application has been made or if no license has been received.

The license application time for drugs supplied from abroad will begin on the date on which the substance enters into force.


The proposal is modifying the Law of stores for the sale of toxic and chemical substances that are used in pharmaceuticals and arts and agriculture. Turkey sent to the local civil administration to be established from the moment of the penalties and end of the pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency to be given the authority to impose a fine, according to the act of nature and the importance of ensuring a certain deterrent re-limits higher and lower fines.

Not in accordance with the rules specified in the law and prohibited pharmacy owners or the responsible director with art and toxic active ingredient used in agricultural works for which dealers, Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Device Agency, or up to 20 thousand pounds of 2 thousand pounds for fines Administrative main administrative premises to be cut. If the verdict is repeated within one year, the penalty will increase by twice.

If the sale of these substances creates a dangerous situation for public health, the operation will be temporarily prohibited until the danger is resolved.

The rule that non-pharmacists can open a pharmacy by appointing a responsible pharmacist will also be applied to companies, which will eliminate collusion associations. Whenever a qualified pharmacist, one of the partners should be responsible for business issues.


Because of their membership, training or belonging to the structure, organization or groups, determined by the National Security Council (NSC) to act against terrorist organizations or national security of the State, work in health institutions or practice without a contract.

However, those who have been dismissed from public functions and those who are not in the public service due to security research may not exercise their profession during the period of state service determined for the district's first district centers from the date on which they were not delete or delete the decision. When fulfilling the obligation of the State, the term of service of those who were dismissed from the public office will be reduced as of this period. Your reports will not be based on judicial decisions and administrative procedures.

To ensure that medical device license processes are carried out within a shorter period, the permits for licenses will be carried out in the laboratories authorized by the Ministry, as well as in the Ministry of Health.

With the statement that it is not a preparation, the diagnosis or treatment of diseases, the sale, commercialization or publicity of any product will be sentenced to imprisonment from 1 to 5 years.


The condition of the doctors to obtain the doctor's permission to accept more than one doctor will be eliminated.

The amount of revolving funds allocated to the central and provincial organizations of the Ministry of Health can be increased by the president in each budget year. The amount of the revolving fund allocated to the central and provincial organization of the Ministry will be 10 billion pounds.

The accounting services of revolving fund companies affiliated with the Ministry of Health will be carried out by the Ministry, but the accounting services of rotary fund companies proposed by the Ministry and approved by the Ministry of Finance and Finance will be carried out by the Ministry of Finance and Finance.


Those who do, vaccinate, use, store, store and transport embryos and reproductive cells illegally, who buy, sell, measure or act as corridors or brokers, or incentives, direct, announce, make advertisements, if the verdict does not constitute a a crime that demands a more severe punishment, will impose a prison of 3 to 5 years and a judicial fine of between one thousand two thousand days.

The organ donation center and reproductive treatment will not be opened without the permission of the Ministry. Institutions and health organizations that work in contradiction with the principles and procedures determined by law and by the ministry will be suspended or canceled.

The proposal includes provisions to help reproductive treatment practices.

According to the proposal, in cases where there is no natural child or medical need, reproductive cells of women and men can be applied to reproductive cells or embryonic mothers, making them suitable for being fertilized by medical methods and inseminated inside or outside the body . This method will only take place between the married partners.

These treatment requests can only be made by doctors authorized by the Ministry and within the scope of the medical principles determined by the Ministry and the reproductive assistance treatment centers licensed by the Ministry.

The reproductive cells of one or both spouses and the embryo obtained from these cells will be prohibited from having children and subrogation by applying them to other people. The donation process through the use of the reproductive cell or embryo belonging to another person and for the purpose of this purpose, the reproduction of cells, the donation, sale, possession, use, storage, transportation, import, export and intermediation of these procedures shall be prohibited. .


Transplanting of living organs; His wife, who has been married for at least two years, may have relatives of blood and do up to the fourth grade (including his fourth degree). In the event that the transplantation of organs is necessary after the marriage, it is not necessary that the spouses are married for at least two years.

The Ethics Committee for Organ Transplantation is established in each province where there are hospitals that provide transplant services.

Professors of the Faculty of Health Sciences will be assigned by the Board of Directors at the proposal of the Ministry of Health, taking into account the needs and qualifications of education and research hospitals, together with the needs and qualifications of the educational and research hospitals that will be assigned to University of Health Sciences.

The regulation on the doctor's permission to obtain more than one doctor will be revoked.

The proposal regulates problems related to the use of medical facilities and universities in the field of medicine and dentistry, along with specialized training boards.

In agreement with this, the protocol can be signed with more than one university for sanitary facilities that are used together.


The purpose of the proposal is to prevent violence against health workers, to ensure that health services are carried out better, more efficiently and efficiently and without interruptions.

Those responsible for the application of the law will be captured by suspects of crimes deliberated by their duties to personnel working in institutions and health organizations and the necessary procedures will be carried out and transferred to the Prosecutor General.

The Public Prosecutor will carry out judicial proceedings. In the investigation of these crimes, statements by medical personnel who are whistleblowers, victims or witnesses by law enforcement agencies will be taken in the workplace.

These provisions will also apply to deliberate crimes due to their functions to staff working in institutions and private health organizations.


In television programs, movies, series, video clips, advertising and promotional films, movies and theaters that are displayed on theaters, internet, social media and similar environments, tobacco products can not be used, images can not be used.

The sale of tobacco products will not be possible in health, education and training, cultural and sports services and university campuses.

With packets of tobacco products, the area where the warnings and messages written on the pipe bottles, with their warnings written in writing and Turkish, have increased from 65% to 85%.

The texts and figures of all tobacco products will be the same.

Or imported tobacco products produced in Turkey; The format of the brand, the size of the font, the size of the point, the location of the package, the color of the packages, including other texts, phrases and numbers, designed in the same way as a standard and standard package will be available in the form of the market .

It will not be the logo of the brand in the cigar packs

The mark will be written only on an area of ​​the package and no more than 5% of this surface. No logo, symbol or other brand marks will be placed in the packages. These rules also apply to boxes of tobacco products that contain more than one package.

The problems related to cigar packs designed as a type will be regulated by the regulations prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry with the approval of the Ministry of Health.

Those who do not comply with these prohibitions, the local administrative authority for the administrative fine of up to 5 thousand pounds at 20 thousand pounds. In case of repeated violations within the same period after the closure penalty, the company will be fined for 20 days to one month.

This arrangement before the date of entry into force produced in Turkey or imported tobacco products, within 7 months, prevention of control tobacco product damage and the regulations and prohibitions of the Law that are available for regulatory substances.


The offer regulates the operating procedures and principles of blood and blood production centers that operate without a license.

With the proposal, family doctors and family health workers have the opportunity to open the education, the family health center of the universities of the foundation specifying the age and duration of the work.

At the end of the period determined by the Ministry of Health, people can change their family doctors or change the family doctor of the Ministry of Health in accordance with the health service planning. Number of people registered for each family doctor; Geographical conditions, health service planning will be based on criteria such as.

"Family health workers" in the form of "family health workers", "family health workers" in the form of "family health workers" in the form of "family health workers" in the phrase "family health workers" in the form of "family health workers" in the form of "family health elements" phrases "family" Health workers "and" family health personnel "with the phrase" family health workers "are to be modified.

The proposal extends the scope of SSI support to married couples who can not have children. According to this, the age limit of women is under 23 and under the age of 40. With the exception of couples with untouched children, the institution will be funded by the SSI to have a child intact with hereditary disease or known as the bearer of this disease.

The blood and blood products Law is modified and sanctions on places of blood production and blood products are reorganized according to the needs and conditions of the day. Thus, those who operate without a license will be expelled from the operation of the governor and punishable by an administrative fine of 10 thousand Turkish lira. The laws of 10 thousand Turkish pounds will be imposed on people who do not contain the documents and samples that are required to keep and those that operate outside the scope of the existing license. If these violations are repeated within two years, the administrative fine will increase twice. In the third recurrence, an incremental administrative fine will be suspended and its activity will be suspended until 10 days. In the fourth iteration, blood and blood production sites will be stopped indefinitely.

In food labeling and food enhancement, in order to protect public health, to be used in the promotion of health claims or advertisements will be allowed by the Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Device Agency.


Sanctions will be provided for municipalities and provincial special administrations in terms of water source, drinking water, natural mineral waters and medical water.

The pharmaceutical form that is strengthening food with special production medical purposes of the food diet, import rights on export and control and authority Turkey pharmaceuticals and medical devices and the administrative sanctioning powers in this regard the Authority will be indicated with the local civil authority Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Device Agency.

In the proposal, in the integrated hospitals of the city, the restoration of the services of the contracting company at the end of 10 years of the market test of the services provided in the amount of medical assistance services within the scope of the contract. As a result, voluntary services will be updated with periodic market tests, which will not exceed 10 years in medical care services. The amount of companies every year during the warranty period, Turkey Statistics Institution determined by the rate of increase in the price index for the domestic producer will be increased.

Since there is no requirement of a foreign language in the use of inspectors, auditors, auditors, auditors, auditors, auditors, auditors, auditors, auxiliary auditors, auxiliary auditors, auxiliary auditors and practice auditors.

On the other hand, article 25 of the offer of tobacco products in closed closets, people can not arrive and can not be seen in the article was removed from the text of the paragraph.


At the meeting, the article proposal was made.

In accordance with the basic Law on health services, a contract will be made within the scope of this Law within three months from the date of entry into force of the substance with the university personnel that will work in the health centers where the co-use protocol was carried out.

The main branches of Specialization in Dentistry and Periods of Training, Oral Pathology, dentistry as a branch of specialization is being added.

Before the date of entry into force of the law in the field of oral pathology or those who have begun doctoral education in the field of dentistry that completed their education, oral pathology will receive a certificate of specialization in the field.

From the dentists, before the entry into force of the substance, he completed his doctorate in the fields of medical pathology and tumor pathology. and may request the certificate of specialization within three months from the date of entry into force of the article presenting the documents related to the training it has received and the scientific publications published in Turkey and abroad in this field.

The Medical Specialization Board will evaluate the applications within 6 months after the end of the application period. Those who have suitable studies will receive a certificate of specialization in the field of oral pathology.

For USHAS to carry out its mission and offer more efficient services, build buildings for health and education institutions abroad, consider the provision of foreign students to educational institutions abroad, opening up educational institutions abroad and carrying out educational activities are also among its activities.

The legal assistance for personnel working in health institutions affiliated with the Ministry of Health will be applied to health workers exposed to violence by health services in the state and foundation universities. The procedures and principles of this assistance will be determined by the Higher Education Council.


The vice president of MHP Gaziantep, Ali Muhittin Taşdoğan, found the positive article, but the health of violence is not enough to see the solution and dissuasion measures should be increased.

Alternate AK Party Kayseri, vice president of Ismail Tamer in the incidents of health violence before the court before the mutual agreement was committed, this proposal "compromising" even if the so-called accusation and prosecutor's office is carried out to carry out the necessary investigation .

The vice president of CHP İzmir, Kani Beko, shared the statistical information on the violence applied to health workers and stated that the article did not contain any content for the prevention of crime.

HDP vice president, Serpil Kemalbay Pekgözegü, said that the matter was subject to charges of resolving violence in health, but that was, put as HD coverage. Pekgözegü argued that the title of the proposal has not changed anything and that what was in the article already existed according to the existing laws.

GOOD Party Antalya deputy Tuba Vural Çokal, a doctor who was exposed to violence, stating that "only the name of the substance is true, the interior is empty," he suggested.

The vice president of the CHP group, Özgür Özel, said that the Assembly was proposing to establish 11 research committees on violence against health workers in 24 periods and 10 were rejected 4 days after the rejection of the final proposal. After the assassination of Ersin Arslan said that the commission was established.

Private health workers in the prevention of violence, professional organizations, representatives of health workers and unions formed a subcommittee to create a short-term solution that they expected to be produced.

Vice President of the Ministry of Health on the issues of the deputies. Dr. Muhammet Guven, Center Medical Appointment System (MHRS) 2.3 million appointments per week, appointment appointment or incapacity to arrive or systematic reasons, the amount of people who can not make an appointment was 631.

Confidence, a total of 49 thousand weekly complaints about the appointment of 164 said.

Muhammet Güven said that the number of citizens who made an appointment at least once of the MHRS is 57 million.

On the other hand, with the proposal of the members of the AK Party, the ship's captains who act against the prohibitions mentioned in the Official Health Law of the ship, the administrative fines for the ship without any discounted healthcare, Article 19 has been deleted from the text.


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