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The so-called resignation of Mustafa Cengiz – TRT Spor

The president of Club Galatasaray Mustafa Cengiz made an explanation about the derby of the Galatasaray-Fenerbahce event. Cengiz: "I look forward to the resignation of the Legal Legal TFF," he said.

Here are the descriptions of Mustafa Cengiz:

"We respect all our competitors"

"Why do we need this press conference? In fact, we want to do something like this every month. I decided to do it because I saw that expressions in the footnotes could not be correctly evaluated, above all, our national values. In our speeches, we respected everyone at Galatasaray culture. Respect ourselves, because we respect the culture and genetic codes that we represent.

"I share your pain with your heart"

"We've seen that most people do not see in all our statements, and I saw that the followers were not judged. Once we made a statement to our beloved competitor, we said we would have the opportunity to see all the followers before the meeting Last season, the party of Fenerbahce did not give statements to our competitors, but we also thanked him. He was a kind lover. Unfortunately, it was unfortunately. We're sorry we were. They had a very good attitude. We live in ourselves, maybe we are not comfortable Because we could not do our duty exactly, the event took place on the 8th, not in our stadium, passed away in the hospital. The anger and hatred of the rest of the word that I wanted to pour out on the street did not turn into violence. What is this anger? what I mean is the anger, the things that can happen from the formation of a community. The nations have their own irritation. There was an irritation in the formation of a family, a f Amilia. It's not rage, not anger. If you organize them correctly, there are communities, nations that create the state. This is what I mean. If you can not assimilate the spirit of this higher level, it will never last one hundred years. They can not establish dozens of states, they can not reach certain points worldwide. They apply to nations and states. "

& # 39; & # 39; Arbitrators could avoid these events & # 39; & # 39;

"A very good game was played, everything was in football. They fought kindly for 89 minutes, but in some way we had 2 players, one of us with this … The wrong behaviors they had, the referee had to intervene. VAR did not intervene It was necessary to be very sensitive, the referees could avoid these events, and the same strikes were in Schalke's encounter, and the referee intervened first … Why would he say that? That would be the Champions League? No, I would not. It took at least 1 minute.

Call of resignation!

"I said I could beat 7-0. When I was 2-0, the good thing I said. Our adversary could beat them … This is what is good. We do our best to keep the knight." 13 unfortunately we are referring. I do not understand it badly, I lose my respect, I will return to the tribe if we lose. We are disturbed by this … Why are so many people sent from Galatasaray? There were only 2 players from our adversary? Why are you doing this double level? This is controversial if the disciplinary assessment of the disciplinary scheme of the disciplinary action determined by the VAR and the arbitrator takes the decision. I am waiting for the resignation or renewal of the TFF Legal Board. "

The fans of Galatasaray are very discreet

"You are a bad example, people are chasing the other. You can not publish it, record it, give it to the relevant authorities. It does not extend for minutes. The viewer jumps in the field. Fortunately, only 1 person jumped in the field. … I would also like to thank the security forces for this occasion.

"We ask ourselves, did the VAR referees alert the average referee?"

"I will ask for something from the TFF … I will not say a crown. We think that injustice has been done against us for a long time, we become a champion with the same federation. We are with the same people. We are not looking for conspiracy theory. Serdar Aziz, What made me react to the VAR penalty? A person sitting there … We ask, VAR referees will have warned the average referee, the referee did not leave, why did not he leave VAR? In fact, they posted this at the meeting Ajax- Feyenoord.

"Judges should not be judges, they should be fair".

"Our reference is related to the arbitrators, each year a seminar is held. The referees say that it is the sword of a hand, the scales on hand, the unchanged justice that it distributes. The matches match the game. This is not the fault of Education given for years. The arbitrators are not judges, they should be fair, they should steal what they see, they should not be afraid of anything, this is our most important complaint. Anatolian clubs can now easily comfortably hit the big teams. Başkan başkan espero that our 8 teams unite in Europe. I want Galatasaray to be the president of Galatasaray. Anadolu

"The punishment is not equal to the crime".

"One more thing is done, about our beloved professor. Seven games have been given to our teacher, Donk has received 6 games. There is climbing, difficult but punishment is not equal to fury. I can say that this provoked a public conscience. to her.

Photo description of Cengiz & # 39; den

"I do not like anything … Fatih Terim's photo is put in the social media" We are at the end, "and swear by the administration. Abdurrahim Bey is constantly in Florya, take a picture, take a picture with insistence, Mustafa Cengiz and the position of Coach at the moment the goal is thrown. If there is respect for the adversary, this can not be said. There are thousands of people in Kayseri, I have to endure the sphinx as president when the goal is missed.


Zi I heard that I was going to walk. Hafta "planned to have a meeting on Tuesdays. There was no attack on this issue and we did not come to the provocation without forgetting the situation we were in. I would walk with them if it were not the president. "

"We think they give us heavy weights. We use our right to remain silent about our opponents.

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