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10 symptoms require you to go to the dentist immediately


Despite the importance of visiting the dentist on a regular basis, many postpone this visit, despite the emergence of indicators, it has to confirm the need for medical advice, where many ignore the symptoms of a problem in the teeth for various reasons, mainly fear of Too much to visit the dentist.
According to Insider, only 58 percent of Americans visit the dentist once a year, despite the warnings of doctors about signs of problems such as:

Sensitivity to teeth
Symptoms of caries are their sensitivity to foods or to cold and hot drinks and to those who have a sweet taste. This sensitivity can also be an indicator of the reduction of gums or the presence of an injury to the roots of the teeth.

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Bad breath
It is possible that bad breath is a sign of a dental problem, according to the expert in cosmetic dentistry Dr. Steven Spitz.

Feeling rough surface in the mouth
The sensation of a person losing or having a rough surface in the mouth or tongue can be a serious indicator of diseases such as papilloma virus or oral cancer, so it should go to the dentist immediately when any of these symptoms is detected.

Tooth decay
A change in the color of the teeth can lead to numerous oral problems. The method of treatment of this problem varies according to the doctor's evaluation, since it can resort to root canal age treatment or may eliminate age when necessary.

Bleeding swarms
If your gums bleed when brushing or using the floss, you may have gingivitis, but you should seek medical advice, since bleeding may have serious consequences for the body's arteries.

Pain in the teeth, mouth and jaw
Pain in the teeth, mouth or jaw is an indication that something is wrong with the body. The person may have a cavity in the gums or a broken tooth, causing tumors and even oral cancer.

Pressure on the teeth at night
Many people who press on their jaws at night put too much force on the teeth and jaws, and the shoulder area is also affected, causing headaches.

Length of the teeth
Another warning sign is the appearance of teeth, which is different from normal, where doctors refer to a condition known as "grinding teeth", which leads to the destruction of the enamel area, causing the teeth to be decomposed and infect the nerves and other health problems.

Bad taste
The feeling of bad taste in the mouth can be due to a pus caused by an infection that causes the abscess to spread in the mouth.

Long absence
If you have not visited the dentist for more than six months, it is necessary that you go to regular exams and clean your teeth if necessary to avoid health problems.

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