Friday , June 18 2021

5 scenes increased the enthusiasm of the game Ahli and the Tigers … The last breakthrough of the Red Castle site

Egyptian and African soccer fans are expecting a great date when Esperance will meet Al Ahli in a hot Arab derby after the end of the African Champions League. The winner of the meeting will be the African continent at the FIFA Club World Cup in December. Esperance dreams of going up for the second time in her story, while Al Ahli hopes to participate for the sixth time in her career. The red giant is relatively superior due to the result of the first stage, which scored 3 goals against the goal at the Borg El Arab stadium in Alexandria.

Before the start of the game, many attended the first stage, which increased the heat and enthusiasm of Ahli's face and the Tunisian Tigers in Rades, who resorted to some means to calm the atmosphere before the showdown to not accumulate more things in Rades between the masses

And the comments "of the people of Egypt" 5 views increased the enthusiasm of the game Ahli and Alterji was the last to enter the official website of Ahli the second time:

1 – Judgment of the first stage:
The first round match between Al Ahly and Al-Terraji Tunisia was a sensation after the match ended due to Algerian referee Mehdi Obaid, who was attacked by newspapers and Tunisian media with a fierce attack accusing him of courtesy of Al Ahli and helping him beat 3/1 against Esperance. Tunisian admirers were very upset about the back game.

The official website of the African Football Confederation (CAF) said that Algerian referee Mehdi Obeid Charef, who won the first match between Esperance and Al Ahli, who ended a 3-1 victory over Al Ahly, refused to use technology of video

2-Stop Azaru:
The African Football Confederation (CAF) decided to stop the Moroccan striker Walid Azzaro, the red striker, because of the unsportsmanlike behavior of the Moroccan attacker during the match against Esperance in the final of the African Champions League at the Borg El Arab Stadium in Alexandria last Friday.

The cameras, who did not broadcast the official tape of the match, showed the Moroccan forward who cut the shirt to circumvent the referee for a penalty, based on (K) in his decision to leave Walid Azaro two games

Al-Ahly sent a letter to the Football Federation of Egypt to send it to the African Union after the decision of Al-Kaf to leave Walid Azarou with two parties, the call of Al Ahly and calling to Cartieron, the technical director of the audience. The suspension of two of the players of Al-Turji is stopped by the second warning.

3 – Alkaff lights up the atmosphere and describes coach Al Ahli as the accomplice:
CAF accused French coach Patrice Cartier of complicity in the first round match between the Tunisian club Esperance and Al Ahli last Friday at the Burj Al Arab stadium in the final of the African League of Champions.

The president of CAF, Ahmed Ahmed, plans to carry out new reforms taking into account the recent events, the referee did not want to use the award of the video and one of his players, Walid Azaro, tore his shirt in front of a director of art of accomplices .

4 – enter the official website:
The official website of the Al Ahli club was hacked by a group of pirates before the Red Team team against Esperance, Tunisia, on Friday night at the Rades Stadium, in the final stage of the African Champions League final.

The fans of Esperance were part of the official website of the Red Club, placed the logo of the Tunisian team at the Al Ahli logo site and published a story entitled "Esperance won over Egypt" and showed photos of followers of the Tunisian team at the stadiums of the Rades Stadium.

5- The second penetration of Al Ahli:
The official website of the Al Ahly Club was exhibited for the second time, just hours before the Tunisian club Esperance in the African Champions League final. The official website of the Al Ahli club was hacked. Hackers have published a story entitled "Al-Tarji wins the Egyptian Ahli 5-0" It is clear that the infiltrators of Tunisian club fans, and they know Al Ahly Club from the Tunisian crown, at 21 pm on Friday night at the Rades Stadium Final defeat of the Champions League, after the red giant won the game in the first three goals by a single goal.

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