Tuesday , July 27 2021

A new device to help doctors control healing

Create a new device to help doctors control healing

Create a new device to help doctors control healing

NEW YORK – US researchers have created a new flexible sensor to measure oxygen levels in the blood on large areas of skin, tissues and organs to help doctors follow the development of wound healing.

"When you hear the word" oxygen meter "in the blood, a large and rigid image of the device is inserted, with measurable measuring units that restrict the movement of the patient," said Yasser Khan, a researcher at the UC Berkeley Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. . The image is made by a light, flexible and non-coarse indicator. "

"After organ transplant surgery, surgeons should check oxygen for all new organ tissues. If you have a conventional measuring device, you have to move from one place to another in the patient's body to perform the measurement, but the new one The device allows to record several readings at the same time, and therefore, the surgeon will be able to determine if the assimilation process takes place correctly or not. "

The team used the device to measure the degree of oxygen saturation in the front of a volunteer that breathed air and gradually reduced oxygen concentrations, such as when a person rises from Earth's surface, according to the scientific research website "Viz Dot Org ".

The new device consists of a series of light emitting diodes and organic electrodes printed in a flexible material emitted by infrared radiation in different degrees. The research team found that the readings of the new device correspond to the results of conventional devices to measure the proportion of oxygen in the blood.

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