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Airbus and WebWen present space for the new era

LONDON – The great corporate career that entered the era of providing Internet from space has launched a new phase of satellites, for the benefit of the European Airbus Alliance and the American company Webb.

A rocket from the French Guyana's space station in North America, which took six satellites built by Airbus and its partner Wan Webb, was launched on the first step in a broad program to provide high-speed Internet space to millions of people in remote areas and rural

The launch of the satellite will be followed by hundreds of satellites in the coming years. He agreed with Arianaspis, a missile maker, to launch 21 rockets.

Analysts say the successful launch could mark a new era in the satellite service industry, at a time when competition is high with other companies with similar programs.

"The system contains up to 900 missiles," said Airbus spokesman Nicolas Chamoussi, Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa.

He explained that the new project is that the satellites will be located in a low Earth orbit at a height of 1200 kilometers.

Nicholas Chamusi: The new project is that satellites will be placed in a low Earth orbit
Nicolas Chamusi: The new project is that the satellites will be placed in a low Earth orbit

At present, the Internet is usually based on geostationary satellites, which are located around the Earth at more than 35,000 km.

Companies like SpaceX, owned by businessman Elon Mask, Leosat Enterprises and Telesat of Canada, operate data networks in hundreds or even thousands of satellites.

The race saw a great leap forward, depending on small satellites that orbit closer to the Earth than conventional communication satellites, in a radical change made possible by mutations in laser technology and computer chips.

Satellite growth will increase the demand for rocket launch services, as a small group of launch companies develop smaller rockets that can deploy smaller satellites at the lowest cost.

The Ariane Space Soyuz rocket was launched from Kourou station in French Guiana on Wednesday afternoon, taking the six satellite satellites manufactured by Webb Satlite, based in Toulouse, France, owned by Airbus and Webb.

The satellites, each of the size of the refrigerator, reached thousands of kilometers more than an hour after the launch. But the full satellite security assessment can take 24 hours.

These satellites can provide third-generation Internet (LTE) or fifth-generation Internet as well as Internet access to neighboring areas, according to Wan Webb.

Roland Bliss of the German Institute of Technology in Karlsruhe says that the quality of this Internet can not be predicted in advance. "When the satellites are placed in a relatively low orbit, the arrival of the slowest signal must be much shorter than the conventional satellite firmware communications."

The alliance between Airbus, Webb and other companies is aimed at extending the availability and speed of satellite Internet, compared to other providers such as Hughes Network Systems, whose satellites fly in a higher space orbit.

Hughes also has investments in Webb and helps build his infrastructure, in an effort not to fall behind the new technological career.

One Web has created more than $ 2 billion of investments, including Airbus, Coca-Cola and Virgin and Soft Bank Group. The company aims to achieve global coverage on a large scale by 2021 with up to 650 satellites.

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