Friday , January 15 2021

Al-Jazira and Al-Wasil .. The peak of the ninth round of the Arab League of the Gulf

The four games will take place at the end of the eighth day of the Arab League of the Gulf, which will be the strongest between Al Jazira and Al Wasl at the Mohammed Bin Zayed Stadium. The fourth team will house Fujairah. Al Ahly will host the Emirates team and Ajman will be the team of Dibba Al Fujairah.

Al-Jazira and Al-Wasel are at the forefront of the tour, forming a terminal of "reality with reality." Each team intends to present their credentials, between the pride of Abu Dhabi and Al-Sai to confirm their position in the second place on the list and their ambitions of remaining In front and the "emperor" that has regained its balance and recognizes the importance of winning the game to reconcile the followers and continue the day of correction after the beginning of the weak season.

On the other hand, the unit seeks to compensate for the loss of points in the previous rounds, when it comes to Fujairah, a game that is always exciting and suspense and the goals between the two teams that aspire to this season, "Annabi" trying to stay away from the vanguard of the ranking and "Wolves", who won the respect for their results. Detached

Al Ahli's youth are hosting their rivals in the UAE in an encounter in which the three musketeers seek to keep their network positive recently and move forward to improve their position on the table. But they know that the Hawks are delighted with the victory in the last round and seek to escape from the centers. Recent

Ajman meets with Dibba al-Fujairah in a game that every team has a high morale after positive results in the last round. The volcano knows that winning means that it leads to warm areas, while the nuns pursue the absence of victory.

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