Sunday , March 7 2021

Californian fires devour the scene of the series "West World"

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The fires in the American city of California on Saturday devoured the scene of the Westworld drama and science fiction while filming a third of the popular HBO series.

The area where the fire produced a large number of other movie sites for many series and movies and, of course, postpones the photography of the works sites for a period until the end of the team.


The Westworld series uses West Main Street, as well as Santa Claretta, Utah and other places.

"Paramount Ranch was one of the sites used during one and two seasons of Westworld, as well as the main place in Melody, a farm in Santa Clarita," said HBO in a statement.


"Since the area has been evacuated, we still do not know the extent of the damage to any structure left there," the statement said.


The farm was the site of many works over the years, first used by Paramount Pictures in 1927 and among the movies filmed on the farm "The In The Drive" with Bob Hope, The Lake House with Sandra Bullock, The Mintalist, Leeds and Quick Drew.

The Westworld series is starring a wide variety of actors, including Ben Barnes, Ingrid Pulso, Birdl, Clifton Collins, Ed Harris and Anthony Hopkins.


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