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Detection of small blood vessels in the bones

German scientists have discovered a completely new anatomical structure, which is the presence of microscopic blood vessels that circulate in our bones and were not previously known by anatomists.

The discovery occurred after a team from the Institute of Immunology and Experimental Planning at the University of Duisburg and Essen (Germany) examined the bones of the mouse with precision and made them completely transparent to "clean" their pigments with ethyl cinnamate until they are Microscopic structures have emerged as secret corridors of the circulatory system with a fast and efficient immune response throughout the body.

These "trans-cortical vessels" described by researchers in the journal Nature Metabolism, in particular, explain the effectiveness of intra-island injections when access to the veins is very difficult, the French website Cyans Efter said.

The researchers say that injecting medical fluids directly into the bone marrow through the hard shell of the bone, it has the same efficacy as intravenous injection that is more effective than muscle injection, noting that the mouse bone includes more than a thousand of these small ones capillaries and that 80% blood and 59% of the venous blood pass through these rear doors.

Research team leader Matthias Gunzer has tried to prove that the man is also supplied with these small tunnels, opening a new way to better understand blood flow in the body and therefore to provide new human selection mechanisms.

Despite the cumulative evidence of the complex blood supply of the bone, the anatomy and molecular mechanisms behind these rapid pathways of cells and fluids from the bone marrow to the bloodstream were difficult to detect.

"I never saw these blood vessels before," says Ralph Mueller of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich.

"This study revealed that there are small channels that directly attach the bone marrow to the brain mucosa, which is a quick way to connect the immune cells to the brain in case of inflammation or injury, so it is likely that all the bones will be used as shortcuts for blood circulation as needed.

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