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Latest Technologies Today, when are you more likely to get cancer?

When women are more likely to develop cancer?

1:00 p Thursday, November 8, 2018

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NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Women who are diagnosed early in the morning are less likely to develop breast cancer than others, according to a new study of more than 400,000 women.

Scientists at the University of Bristol found that women who slept too long (more than 8 hours) had a 20% higher risk of cancer per hour of extra sleep, according to Russia Today.

Scientists have explained that sleeping at night affects the woman's body watch and increases the risk. This reflects the results of previous studies, which found that work on night turns and exposure to more industrial light at night increases the incidence of cancer.

The research team, which presented the results at the National Congress of the Cancer Research Institute in Glasgow, analyzed and studied female genes.

"We want to do more work to investigate the mechanisms that support the results," said Dr. Rebecca Richmond, MD, "The estimates obtained are based on morning and night questions and can be more complex than the changing habits of breast cancer in women."

"Changing dream habits is not as easy as other proven risk reduction options, because they are often an integral part of employment, paternity or other health conditions," Dr said. Emma Penry from the Breast Cancer Society.

The study concluded that women who were precociously diagnosed were 48% less likely to develop breast cancer.

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