Tuesday , July 27 2021

Reclusion and deportation of three defendants of theft

The Abu Dhabi Court of Cassation reduced convictions of three men convicted of stealing a man after leaving a bank on the road from seven years to three years in order to evict them after executing the sentence.

An appeal against the conviction of three defendants of forced robbery on the public road, with a penalty of 7 years in prison and expulsion from the State. The modified sentence was modified to punish each of the offenders with three years of imprisonment for which he was assigned and supported.

The details of the case refer to the knowledge of the first defendant that the complainant sends money regularly to a bank, where he does the same date to go to the bank and deposit the money of his employer, in agreement with the second and the third accused of the theft.

The defendants were challenged by the appeal and the Court of Cassation decided to revoke the contested judgment of their nullity and based their judgment on the nullity of the judicial process before the Court of Appeal for not attending a lawyer of the accused.


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