Thursday , March 4 2021

The actions of Europe fall under pressure from the technological and tobacco sectors Conversation in the market

European stocks declined as technology fell, while the tobacco sector was affected by new signs that US regulators are controlling menthol cigar.

The European Stoxx 600 fell by 1 percent, defeating early achievements and Italy's main index dropped 1 percent before the deadline for a revised budget on Tuesday.

Technology was the main loser, 3.7% less.

Infineon, the creator of chips, and SAPC closed down German DAX, 7.8 percent and 5.6 percent respectively.

The decline of Infinon occurred despite the results better than expected throughout the year in the midst of renewed concerns about the slowdown in demand after the disappointing sales forecasts of Qualcomm and Apple.

SAP, a software specialist, announced the acquisition of Qualtex, which specializes in monitoring consumer sentiment for $ 8,000 million, a price that traders and analysts consider too high.

Tobacco stocks were hit by a Wall Street Journal report that said the US Drug and Food Administration. UU. I was planning to move forward with the ban on menthol cigarettes.

Among the highest sectors was the oil sector, which gained 0.1 percent, as gross prices rose after the Saudi Arabian announced a supply cut in December while other producers studied a reduction in imports in 2019.

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