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The Special Olympics develop a solidarity heritage through the arts

Written by ياسر ابراهيم – الأحد 11 نوفمبر 2018 06:01 – UAE: Special Olympics builds a legacy of solidarity through the arts.

United Arab Emirates: The Special Olympics build solidarity heritage through the arts

A group of children with intellectual disabilities participated along with their colleagues in a support puppet workshop organized by the emirate actress Aisha Al Balushi and presented by Manarat Al Saadiyat in Abu Dhabi on Saturday (November 10).

This is the second event organized by the Organizing Committee for the Special Olympics Abu Dhabi 2019 in the program of joint technical workshops in collaboration with the United States Embassy in the UAE and the Amideast and with the participation of children between the ages of 12 and 18.

The talented artist Emirati uses diverse materials and techniques to create his art and dolls. Technical conferences are an important part of community events organized throughout the UAE to introduce the Abu Dhabi Special Olympics 2019 and its mission and objectives.

Solidarity workshops are part of a community-based program of activities in all the UAE aimed at introducing the Special Olympics of Abu Dhabi Games 2019, raising awareness and educating the community about people with intellectual disabilities and how to involve and integrate them, them in all areas of life.

Solidarity art workshops attracted 12 children with their mothers and dozens of volunteers. Baluchi also supervised another workshop to teach young people how to make puppets on November 24.

Two new workshops will take place on December 8 and 15 in Manarat Saadiyat under the supervision of other artists, as well as the most planned events of solidarity that will be launched at the beginning of the new year. At the end of the series of workshops, all the works produced in the workshops will be exhibited at an exclusive exhibition of art held in Manarat Saadiyat from March 16 to 28, 2019 in the special Olympics.


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