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Dollar in peak of 16 months, pound sterling under pressure due to uncertainty around Brexit
12/11/2018 08:52

(Reuters) Dollar increased in writing
The advantage of last week and approached the peak of 16 months
Monday, as investors expect the US Federal Reserve. UU
It will continue tightening monetary policy, meanwhile
Sterling remains under pressure due to uncertainty
about the withdrawal agreement of the United Kingdom.

The Fed confirmed its intention to increase interest rates at 25.
Basic points in December, predicting two more increases
in the middle of 2019 in the context of a constant recovery and economic growth

The US currency was also backed by a risky flight
assets due to the commercial dispute of Washington and Beijing decreasing
The growing economy of China, uncertainties around Brexit e
Confrontation between Rome and the European Union
Draft budget of Italy for high costs e
substantial budget deficit.

Dollar index to the main foreign exchange basket at 8.39 MSK
rose 0.21 percent to 97.109, being somewhat lower than the maximum
16 months at the level of 97.2, reached on October 31. Index
The dollar is rising for four consecutive weeks, last week writing
0.4 percent.

The dollar rose 0.21 percent against the Japanese yen, which
It was located at 114.03, about a minimum of six weeks in

While the Fed is preparing to raise interest rates, it is expected that
The Bank of Japan will maintain a solid monetary policy
In the midst of slow growth in the economy of inflation.

Pound sterling dropped 0.35 percent to $ 1.2928
because of the growing tensions within the British government
Teresa's release may contain questions about it
Develop a clear departure plan for the United Kingdom.

The euro fell 0.11 percent to $ 1,1321. Only
the European currency devalued against the dollar during the previous three
business sessions, as the Italian budget dispute weakened
investor confidence

The European Commission in October rejected the draft budget of Italy
2019, informing that the country neglects the promise to reduce
budget deficit Rome must provide the EU with an adjustment
document version until Tuesday.

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