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Lesya Nikityuk showed the whole family for the first time (photo)

Ex-presenter of the tour "Eagle and Reshka" Lesya Nikityuk presented his followers to his parents, brothers and nephews.

The famous Ukrainian television presenter Lesya Nikityuk leads an active social life. The star has more than 2.6 million subscribers in Instagram And this number is growing every day. So, recently, the girl has created a page for her mother, Ekaterina Petrovna, and now she has decided to show the public other relatives.

Rare family shots appeared. Nikityuk appeared a few days ago. In the photo, a famous brother presents with his children, who are religious of a girl. The relative is incredibly similar to his sister star.

Brother Lesya Nikityuk and her nephews

Also on the web, Nikityuk's photo with his parents is often seen.

Father Lesia NikityukLesya Nikityuk with his father Ivan Ivanovich

Lesya Nikityuk and her mother

The fanatics of the former leader of "Eagle and Reshki" are happy to see their family and comment on their photos:

"Beautiful parents in Lesyuni", "Lesya, have a smart mother," "Lesichka, you're like two drops," "What a wonderful thing when you raised decent children." Lesya, it's a pride for your parents. "

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