Friday , June 18 2021

Lincoln Aviator first received the set of melodies

The presentation of the new Lincoln Aviator will take place in Los Angeles on November 28.

The Jeep Lincoln Aviator, produced in 2002-2005, will feature a follower of the same name, whose development is in the final phase. They will be used for warning signs in the car. The company also released a video that shows how the set of Detroit symphonies records the tunes of the warning signs of a new crossover, writes Autonews.

"For us, this is a completely new step: the introduction of music in the world of car information." According to the marketing expert, Lincoln Jennifer Prescot, the introduction of music in the world of automobile information is the next step for the brand in the world of luxury. The show was held at the car showroom in New York, then the car was shown as a concept. The modernized aviator, identical to its predecessor, will acquire a cabin in which seven passengers can accommodate comfortably. According to the preliminary information, the news will take a position in the line of "Lincoln" one step below the navigator's jeep.

The technical details of the car are secrets. It is possible that the crossover provides a hybrid power station based on a V6 gemelurgical gasoline. Probably, the car will be equipped with a hybrid engine consisting of a turbo-gas engine for 6 cylinders and an electric motor. The crossing will also be equipped with an adaptive suspension with a system for the exploration of the road, thanks to which the chassis automatically applies the optimal adjustments in advance. The car received a three-row cabin, as well as its "progenitor".

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