Thursday , July 29 2021

Microsoft reissued the Windows update October 10, 2018, Windows Server 2019 and Windows Server Version 1809

And then we get to "Only idiots break a disk in partitions," and there and "Only idiots store data on a Windows device" is not far away. Well, really.

And so, you can do whatever you want with file download disks, hit in partitions, do not hit, but on the "C" system disk, the best SSD should be just the operating system and the necessary programs. You have no idea how it will come out when a person arrives to align your computer, but it has a link, like saving my default documents and not just folders on the system disk. It's not a problem, but it takes time. And even more infuriated when the user of the system partition stores documents, with a disk space of 1-2TB.
Chef of opaque valerian when he flew SO, and on the "C" doctoral thesis! Saved, of course, but … I wonder, like "what ….. thesis ….." The answer is murdered: "And it is so convenient for me!" And such peppers among the users, like my boss, like uncut dogs.

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