Wednesday , October 20 2021

Rihanna really illuminated the anniversary of her grandfather "the Russian Jew


Rihanna (Rihanna) would not be Rihanna if the anniversary of her grandfather was missing, although for that the singer had to fly to Barbados.

Grandpa's queen R & B turned 90, but, nevertheless, he and the granddaughter lit up all night on the dance floor. Portal TMZ He has published a video where Lionel dances as if only 20 years ago. Fans have written that even Rihanna was dancing and that's worth it. Yes, and they applauded the anniversary boy clearly for more moments, so Ri had serious competitors!

The singer repeatedly affirmed that the grandfather is a great dose of inspiration for her and proves that even in the years she can continue she is happy and happy. Maybe Rihanna should take Lionel touring with her dancers?

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