Tuesday , July 27 2021

The global network has shown the future Samsung Galaxy S10 with a "hole" on the screen

The device is the so-called "leaky" screen.

Note that the smartphone has received an Infinity O display. A hole in the shape of a circle has become its feature.

The global image of the future Samsung Galaxy S10 has appeared on the global website. The manufacturer has demonstrated several versions of the monitor's phone, which will be included in the Infinity line. The creators of Samsung plan to hide it under glass.

Aster writes, if such a solution is actually used in the Samsung Galaxy S10, which is released from the beginning of 2016, the manufacturer can define the latest trend in the phone market.

According to experts, this innovation can set the trend. It is possible that it will be installed in the new Galaxy S10, whose presentation will take place in the first quarter of 2019. There are suggestions that this trend will lead to the development of devices in the future.

The network has photos of the Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone
The network showed the future of the Samsung Galaxy S10 with a "hole" on the screen

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