Wednesday , October 20 2021

The Italian boxer died a few days after the tie


The tragedy ended the fight in the Thai city of Rangsit for the title of Asian silver champion according to the World Boxing Council (WBC) version. Italian boxer Christian Dagio died in the hospital a few days after the knockout.

The battle took place on October 26. Dagio met Thai Don Parueang and in the 12th round he won in points. However, in the last segment of the 49-year-old fighter he received several heavy blows, after he was in the ring.

The referee immediately called the doctors in the ring, but the boxer has already lost consciousness. Dagio was taken to a hospital, where he spent several days in a coma with serious brain damage, after he died without regaining consciousness.

During a long race, an Italian athlete managed to make 189 fights in Thai boxing and five more fights at MMA. The boxing fight was his 11th race. Before that, in this sports video, you never lost.

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