Sunday , February 28 2021

The new electric motorcycle "Ural" will show in the United States

We did not have time to talk about the modernization of the main products, since it was a new motorcycle.

The cT model was transferred to electric traction, while the development of the motorcycle was not carried out by the people of Russia, but by the American companies Zero Motorcycles and ICG.

The office of representation of EE. UU. The brand, based in the state of Washington, announced the conclusion of the first phase of development of this machine. There are still no plans for mass production, but the ICG company does not exclude that small-scale production can be started on this model if customers wish to buy it.

The electric prototype of the Ural motorcycle will be presented at a motorcycle show in Los Angeles at the end of autumn.

As reported, the car has been tested on the roads in different conditions: in rain and snow, in heat and cold, in highways and streets.

Ural Electric has a unit of 61 hp (42 hp for the gasoline version) and 2 batteries with a total capacity of 19.5 kWh. The engine power equals 60 liters. c. (at 5300 rpm), the charge time of the battery up to 95% of the capacity from a normal output is 13 hours. The range of action recorded during the tests was more than 165 km.

"It seems like the good old Ural as before, but the power plant offers an entirely new experience," he said.

In the tests, the electric motor demonstrated a range of 165 km and a top speed of 140 km / h.

However, at the moment there are no plans for the production in series of an electric motorcycle of the IMZ. The decision to launch the electric Ural in the series has not yet been made, but the company promises to conduct a study and evaluate the reaction of customers to the new product. The first public debut of the electric Ural will be the Progressive Motorcycle Show exhibition in Long Beach, California, from November 16 to 18.

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