Tuesday , October 19 2021

The public did not immediately realize that the death of the comedian was real, and it was not part of the performance.


British comedian Jan Cognito passed away on stage while acting at the Atic Bar de Bister. It is informed by the Air Force.

Eyewitnesses say that the comedian "sat in a chair and sat for five minutes" during the show. The public decided that this was part of the performance and continued to laugh without realizing that the artist had died.

Jan Cognito, photo – Air Force

One of the fans of Jan Cognito said that "he made a good set".

"Only 10 minutes before sitting down, he joked about a blow," said the viewer.

The staff tried to make an indirect heart massage with a comedian, but without result.

Earlier, Strana said that the mother of the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, died.

We also write that the widow of the famous actor Valery Zolotukhin died in Moscow.

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