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which replaced Marina Poplavskaya. Photo »News of Ukraine. Latest news of the day || Vesti-UA

The team surprised the public by presenting a new actress

Diesel Shaw, who announced his return to the scene, found a substitute for the tragic loss of queen of humor Marina Poplavskaya. Although the brilliant memory of the main character of the television show still stays in the hearts of comedians and the audience continues to sob, when the shots with Marina come, the cold world of spectacle dictates its own rules and demands new faces. Thus, during a performance in the "Palace of Ukraine" of Kiev, the most popular project team in the country, Diesel Show, surprised the public by presenting a new artist, informs Politecnico.

The participants of the program used to say that the replacement of Poplavskaya was the launching of a new artist. It is still unknown whether this replacement, presented on the stage of the Palace of Ukraine, Belarussian comedian Marusya Gritsuk, is.

However, an invitation to the "Diesel Show" to participate in a series of concerts suggests that "Gritsuk's first attempts to write" may be a full-fledged participant in the Ukrainian comics group.

Marusya was born in Brest (Belarus), a graduate of the Technical University of Brest, and was a member of the KVN team of the BSU. On several occasions he has directed programs: "Our Morning", "Talent Krayiny", "Parents to School!", "Wait for me" on the Minsk ONT channel. The actress is a happy woman and mother of four children.

In concerts of Kiev "Diesel Show" on February 26 and 27, Maroussia played in several numbers.

"We strive to make even more bright and more diverse concerts: we invite actors, we work with real jokes and musical performances. We will wait for the Marus' response to the" Diesel Show! "But we can see that the guest actress is well received. Finally, Marusya is a wonderful actress and a positive person, "said the artistic director of Diesel Studio, Egor Krutogolov.

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