Tuesday , October 19 2021

Ched Evans persuades her former lawyers about lost profits after repealing the conviction of rape


The soccer player Ched Evans is suing the lawyers who represented him in a rape trial in the effort to recover a potential fortune of millions of lost profits.

Evans spent two years and a half years in prison after being sentenced to rape a 19-year-old woman in a hotel room at the end of a drunken night in northern Wales in 2011, but a new trial in 2016 did not find him guilty.

Evans claims he was badly advised by Brabners, the legal firm that defended him in the initial trial in 2012.

If he had succeeded in proving bad temper, the Welsh striker could give hundreds of thousands – or even millions – of pounds in damage.

Ched Evans from Sheffield United
Evans played for Sheffield United at the time of his arrest

At the time of his arrest, Evans was the highest scorer of Sheffield United and won about 18,000 pounds sterling per week, which made him one of the first in League One at the time.

He was also named on the Professional Association of Footballers of the Year for the division – and many supporters said he would continue to play in the Premier League.

The 29-year-old is throwing the loan for Fleetwood Town in League One, but argues that he has lost a potential fortune due to his conviction.

Evans chased Sheffield United, who used it at the time he was arrested, for lost wages, but the maximum amount that a person who is convicted of wrong way may claim that he has a limit of £ 500,000.

Ched Evans, Wales U21 against Hungary U21, August 2009
The Welsh striker now plays for Fleetwood Town

It is planned for the Superior Court in April next year for the hearing of a civil case against Brabners, which could result in a negligence of millions of pounds.

A spokesman for the law firm said: "Brabners has filed a strong defense of the criminal case against Ched Evans after a thorough process and we are vigorously defending our handling of the case.

"We believe that the claim for damages has no merit."

The new trial that led to his release two years ago was very controversial.

The decision to allow the jury to listen to the complainant's sexual history provoked indignation on the part of women's groups and support groups.

In the court, Evans admitted that he did not talk to the woman before, during or after sex, and left the hotel through an outlet.

The soccer player, who won 13 caps for Wales, began his professional career at Manchester City before joining Sheffield United in 2009.

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