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China to eliminate LGBT scenes from Bohemian Rhapsody | Movie

Freddie Mercury and Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody will have all LGBT open-ended scenes eliminated for release in China, it was reported.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, at least one minute of the film will be cut to ensure permission to be screened in Chinese cinemas, including scenes where Mercury (played by Rami Malek) kisses other male characters. The scenes of drug use will also be eliminated.

China's reluctance to allow LGBT-themed films to reach the cinema audience was underscored when a domestic television broadcasting service, Mango TV, reported that it censored Malek's acceptance speech in Best Actor Oscar on February 24, replacing the phrase "homosexual" special group "in its subtitles.

Despite being a great commercial success around the world, Bohemian Rhapsody will surely get only a small-scale launch in China, unlike Oscar Moonlight and Call Me By Your Name, who have not been released at all. However, the live action movie Beauty and the Beast, with its brief "gay moment", received a significant release in 2017, obtaining a report of $ 85 million.

Bohemian Rhapsody has already attracted considerable criticism of "direct washing" perceived in its original form, with suggestions that he glossed over the hedonistic character of Mercury's real life. However, LGBTI activist Gary Nunn argued in The Guardian that the film was "inspiring" and a "job well done".

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