Thursday , July 29 2021

Michelle Keegan urges women to perform cervical cancer screenings

Michelle Keegan urged women to do evidence of failure (Ian West / PA)
Michelle Keegan urged women to do evidence of failure (Ian West / PA)

Michelle Keegan admitted that she stopped having evidence of failure when she urged women to be selected for cancer of the uterus.

The star of Nuestra Madre said that he had found excuses to ignore letters from his doctor calling him a test, but he assured his followers that the process was not painful.

She posted a chain of videos on Instagram in which she talked about taking her exam and wrote: "It's time to speak cervical screening exams … AKA the dreadful test of peme (horrible word)!

"I am going to be sincere with all of you, I had many letters that pass through my front door that separated me. I also ignored my mother's tedious reasons, telling me to book an appointment with my local doctor."

Keegan said he had used the excuse of being too busy and thought it was a shame to have "drop his trousers and open his legs in front of a total unknown."

She also admitted that she was apprehensive about the painful thing that would be to the test.

She added: "However, I finally got my finger (forgive the word game) and went to my appointment.

"My doctor was so lovely, I went to bed and finished in less than 2 MINUTES! It was a little uncomfortable, but it does not mean painful."

Keegan said that he was horrified to know that cervical cancer is the most common cancer in women under 35, with some without symptoms.


"My advice for you … STOP apologizing, book and go for your bloody smash.

"A test of failure in the last 5 minutes, the impact of cervical cancer lasts for a long time."

The number of women who underwent failure tests fired after the death of the Jade Goody reality star in 2009 but the absorption of cervical dams has declined to a minimum of 20 years this year.

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