Thursday , October 28 2021

Nadeshot returns to its roots with the new sponsorship contract of 100 thieves


As part of its efforts to expand aggressively in the world of sports, the American organization 100 Ladrones added another great sponsor that goes by 2019.

In an ad through social networks on November 29, 100 Thieves revealed that they were associated with Red Bull Sports, a branch of the popular energy drink company.

"Today we are eager to announce our collaboration with Red Bull Sports," they tweeted. "Together we will push the limits of our teams, creators and the entire organization of 100 thieves."

While the Red Bull partnership can be a new experience for almost everyone in 100 Thieves, the CEO Matt & # 39; Nadeshot & # 39; Haag will be a return home.

Nadeshot has been a Red Bull Sports sportsman for nearly six years, from the days when he was a member of the OpTic Gaming Call of Duty professional team.

Nadeshot has joined Red Bull Sports six years ago and has come back to its roots.

The tweet ad for this new cast presents a nostalgic video that includes clips when the old CoD star was first associated with Red Bull and visited its facilities in Santa Monica, CA.

Using a well-executed production, the video contrasts perfectly with the old clips with the new one, showing what Nadeshot really came from being an anxious CoD to become the CEO of one of the world's largest sports organizations.

In honor of this nostalgic meeting, Nadeshot took Twitter to publish his first interaction with Red Bull, when everything that is happening today was just a dream.

"This was my first DM sent to Red Bull in 2011. It was my dream to work with them after seeing Walshy growing," he tweeted. "So far, my organization associated with Red Bull in 2019 feels more than a dream."

Red Bull Sports joins an elite collection of companies that 100 partners have associated since their arrival to the sports scene, which also has Razer, Rocket Mortgage and StockX.

With their League of Legends team they hope to recreate the magic of their first season, and their new Call of Duty team that seeks to make huge surges in the CWL, 2019 is looking bright for 100 Thieves.

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