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New & Overwatch & # 39; Update Buffs Mercy, Roadhog, Reaper and more

A new update is updated Overwatch and not only officially brings Deadlock's Ashe to the mix, but also significant changes to other heroes on the list. If you like to play the healer or go to the ham in the DPS, we feel that the fanatics of Blizzard's success will be satisfied with the latest changes.

The team also addressed bug reports with all heroes, as well as eliminating the "Unlock All" option in the Hero Gallery. Ready to see what's new? We start with the latest changes of the hero:

Slide 1 of 3Mercy, mower, Symmetra

Second Blizzard:


  • Valkyrie
    • The final cost was reduced by 15%
    • Healing per second increased from 50 to 60

Developer Comments: Mercy's last one was charging a bit very slowly after his healing at the base was reduced to an earlier update. These changes must restore part of their maximum strength and allow them to compile faster.


  • Winter shotguns
    • Spread randomization reduced by 50%
    • Set the default pattern
  • To harvest
    • The robbery of life increased from 20% to 30% of the treated damages

Developer Comments: Reaper's specialty is fighting in a very close range. The most consistent expansion pattern and an increase in the healing of your passive ability will make you more capable of standing up with your enemies.


  • Photon projector
    • The primary fire beam is 20% faster

Developer Comments: It is still difficult to effectively use the Symmetra photon projector beam, even after its range has increased. By accelerating the main rate of fire loading, it takes less time to increase its potential for total damage and will be a stronger option when presented with the charging objectives.

Slide 2 of 3Roadhog
(Photo: Blizzard)

It seems that Blizzard had much more to say about the recent Roadhog changes, including changes to its chain hook and scrap:

  • Chain hook
    • Reduces the delay before throwing an attacked target of 0.5 seconds to 0.3 seconds
    • Now it greatly reduces the impulse of the target when engaged
    • Cooldown now begins immediately, instead of after the goal was taken
  • Scrap metal
    • Extended pattern adjusted for primary and secondary fire
    • Spread randomization reduced by 50%
  • Whole Hog
    • Knockback's top speed increased by 25% (from 8 to 10 meters per second)
    • The horizontal recoil slowed slightly

Developer Comments: Roadhog is receiving several major changes so that their abilities are more consistent. His chain hook had problems with breaking when the enemy targets jumped or fell behind the collision of the environment. Now it will reduce them in the air more when the hook lands, and wait less time before it moves. Since Chain Hook cooling begins immediately after use, it does not vary depending on the distance from Roadhog to the target of the hook. We also move some of the projectiles closest to the center of the dispersion pattern in your Scrap Gun, which gives you a more consistent output of damage to your main and alternative fire. Previously, there was a long-standing error that has caused powerful goals to fly far beyond expectations. After this error has been resolved, we still wanted to keep some knockback breakdown provided, so we've increased the overall speed limit to keep that functionality.

Slide 3 of 3Bug fix

As for the rest of the game, bug fixes are important so that the game's experience is balanced and enjoyable for everyone. This includes immersive functions such as voice lines, as well as faults that violate the functioning of a hero in a game.

For complete bug fix notes:


  • An error was struck that caused Mei's robots to try to land their heads in Wrecking Ball while he was immune to them in Roll mode
  • An error has been fixed that caused the robots to be tied near point A in Eichenwalde



  • An error has been fixed that prevented Brigitte's "Whip Shot" not work if it was interrupted before the chain retreated


  • An error has been fixed that prevented the victims of Doomfist Rocket Punch from being thrown away if they were eliminated by it
  • Fixed an error that prevented Rising Uppercut from Doomfist from damaged enemies
  • An error has been fixed that prevented Doomist 's Sismic Slam from dealing with damage if he hit a knockback capacity at the time he landed


  • An error has been fixed that caused Junkrat to return to his inactive animation if he was astonished while using RIP-Tire


  • An error has been fixed that caused some Allied heroes to say their voice lines "under attack" by receiving a cozy sound barrier


  • Corrected an error that prevented Orisa's Fortify canceling the effects of Rising Uppercut's Doomfist air control


  • An error has been fixed that allowed Reinhardt's Earthshatter to go to Brigitte when the blockade with his Barrier Shield was free during high latency periods


  • An error has been fixed that prevented the Chain Hook from working if it was interrupted before the chain retreated
  • An error has been fixed that prevented Chain Hook from destroying breakable objects by pulling the target back
  • Fixed an error that caused Roadhog's Whole Hog visual effects to cover a wider area than the spread of projectiles


  • An error has been fixed that prevented Symmetra from loading its main weapon on the enemy ice walls


  • An error has been fixed that prevented Santaclad Torbjörn's definitive voice lines from playing when activating Molten Core
  • Fixed a visual problem that prevented the Molten Core magma blood cells from appearing in the right place with their Barbarroja or Blackbeard skins equipped
  • An animation problem was fixed that caused Torbjörn's claw arm to appear suddenly when Overload and Molten Core were used rapidly.
  • An error has been fixed that allowed Torbjörn to have an objective to help during the Molten Core


  • Fixed a problem that made Tracer accelerate a little slower and will slow down a little faster than other heroes

Wrecking ball

  • An error has been fixed that prevented the Wrecking Ball voice lines from being played when previewed after opening a Loot Box


  • An error has been fixed that allowed heroes to load through a Graviton Surge without being trapped

Gallery of heroes


  • Fixed a problem that caused some heroes' legs to leak when they see Hero's gallery
  • Fixed an error that prevented players from rotating heroes in the Hero Gallery while the UI was hidden


  • An error was fixed that allowed players to listen to the voice lines of heroes controlled by players who muted

Custom game and game browser


  • An error has been fixed that prevented the payload from attacking hunters if they were damaged by pushing it on the Assault / Escort and Escort maps
  • Fixed a lighting problem that caused a skyscraper on the Hollywood horizon to appear black

Overwatch You are now live on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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