Tuesday , October 19 2021

News and transfers from Manchester United VIVO Nemanja Matic explains the decision of Poppy and Wayne Rooney to return to England


United hit for a shameful performance & # 39;

Emmanuel Petit hit United's first performance on French television. Talking to RMC Sport said:

We talked about it in recent weeks, did the players leave Mourinho below?

I do not know, but I know Mourinho is doing his best. That's not enough, but I think many players on your team should really look in the mirror.

Matic first, is his brother who signed up for the United from Chelsea? Except for the last season in which he did his good, he has light years away from what he is capable of.

Not the only one, there's Ashley Young and that's without even talking about the central defense. What are you doing at Manchester United?

I'm tired of Smalling. You know me, they are not someone who plays players so easily. But for him, I've been wondering for years.

These players are not enough to play in a club as big as Manchester United and that has been happening for many years.

The match against Bournemouth after 30 minutes was embarrassed by United players. He was ashamed of this legendary club, he was ashamed of his story. I was ashamed of Mourinho. I was ashamed of his personal, I thought for myself, but that is a team of good grades.

Individuals who do not give it to everyone who looks at each other. There is no inspiration. Honestly, it was shameful when you represent a club like that. It was shameful, I've never seen United so badly for thirty minutes, under the command of Mourinho.

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