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The horror of Jake Wood's vacation as a wife was almost EATEN ALIVE by crocodile

Jake Wood opened his holiday horror when his wife almost ate alive for a crocodile.

The star of EastEnders was on holiday with his wife Alison and his children Buster and Amber when they saw each other face to face with the terrible creature.

Jake, who plays Max Branning, was on a boat at Flordia Everglades with his family when Alison decided to jump into the water, just to be confronted with the horrendous beast.

Jake, Buster and Amber were watching with horror when the crocodile started to go to Alison, reports the Daily Star.

They struck to return to the ship while his journey almost became a tragedy.

Jake with wife Alison and Buster and Amber children

Jake, 46, said: "I've almost lost my wife with a Crocodile in Florida."

Jake said when he first saw the crocodile that was about 15 meters from his wife, but that he panicked when he saw him suddenly come to her.

The star said: "So I'm looking at it and thinking:" It has to be a record or something. It has to be a record. "Suddenly, it falls and I f *** I see an eye: all children are yelling, I am screaming," go back on the boat! "

"When a crocodile goes under water, you do not know where it is, it was horrible. It was only 15 meters away."

Jake was terrified of the events

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Jake said that he and his loved ones only realized how they were lucky enough to return to the store they hired the ship and shared their history.

An impressive staff member told them he would never go to the water, describing the crocodile they had found as a "maneater."

The terrible incident occurred in 2014, but Jake says it's something that will always stay with their children.

He says his children are marked

He thought he would lose Alison

"Good story," he added. "Although healed the children for life".

Jake admitted that just thinking about the meeting now makes him "striking".

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