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Will Bryan Cranston will be in the movie "Breaking Bad" The actor is eager to review Walter White

The man who played Walter White has good news Breaking badly fans For anyone, he asks himself whether Bryan Cranston will be rumored Breaking badly The movie, the actor revealed that he could simply have some cooking, during an interview called the episode on Wednesday, November 7 Or Dan Patrick Show. "Yes, there seems to be a version of Breaking badly"Cranston, who starred in the AMC series from 2007 to 2013, confirmed the former ESPN server on his radio show." But honestly I did not even read the script, so I could not tell you. "

The news of a possible one Breaking badly the movie first broke through The Hollywood Reporter On Tuesday, November 6th, with the outlet citing unnamed sources, they said that creator of the Emmy program "Vince Gilligan" is working on a two-hour movie, although it is not clear whether it will be released dramatically or made on television. " Bustle arrived at the representatives of Gilligan, AMC and producer of Sony Pictures Television after publishing the report, but received no response).

While Cranston admitted in the interview that, because he still did not get a script, "there's a question of whether we saw Walter White in this movie," he would "absolutely" be interested in reprising the role he has won in four Emmy Awards Best Actor of Primetime of Drama Series):

"If Vince Gilligan asked me to do it, surely, absolutely. She is a genius, and it's a great story and there are many people who felt that I wanted to see some kind of conclusion to some of these stories that were left open … This idea, who told me, enters those … at least a couple of characters that were not completed until their journey. "

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As the fans remember, when Breaking badly He made his final bow in 2013, Walter White had died, so the actor admits that if his institute's chemistry professor hit his cancer, the character of the methane laboratory journalist is back, he has no "clue" in what capacity would be Cranston, who admitted talking about the project with Gilligan, supposed an assumption that could appear in flashbacks. Another possibility is that the plot can follow the path of Breaking badly spinoff prequel Better call Saul, who stars in Bob Odenkirk and wraps his fourth season in October. (AMC also renewed the series for the next fifth season).


After THR reported that the project is currently being called Greenbrier, or Diary of Albuquerque He managed to infer that the film could focus on Jesse Pinkman (played by actor Aaron Paul), who was finally released from the clutches of his ruthless narcotics traffickers at the end of the series. The reason? The newspaper confirmed through the New Mexico Film Office a titled project Greenbrier is scheduled to begin shooting in Albuquerque in mid-November and allegedly will continue "the flight of a kidnapped man and his search for freedom." They could not, however, say yes or no Greenbier It is really related Breaking badly. (Side note, for those who do not know: Breaking badly both took place and were filmed in Albuquerque).

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Cranston – who is currently starring in Broadway's work Network – He also told Patrick that returning to the role of Walter White five and a half years after engaging the production would be like finding a "sweater that he used once" in an old suitcase.

"I think they put on their clothes and shave my head and put on the glasses and perhaps the hat of Heisenberg, I think those talismans could send me back quickly," he added.

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If it ends or does not end in the movie, Cranston will not be kept away from the set – for nostalgia, if nothing else. "I am very excited because it is Breaking badly"It was the greatest professional period of my life, and I can not wait to see all those people again, although I just visited."

While fans expect an official confirmation from AMC, Cranston has already given many reasons to keep waiting for the movie to materialize.

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