Thursday , July 29 2021

You can face the resignations of the ministerial helpers in fixed betting positions

Theresa May faces a massive resignation from ministerial helpers if she refuses to accelerate the repression of fixed-line betting terminals.

Sky News has learned that at least 12 youth members wrote to lead chief Julian Smith who had warned that they would join a rising Tory rebellion during the time of maximum stake in £ 100 to £ 2.

Two amendments were presented that would have the effect of obliging the government to move forward for six months, from October 2019 to April 2019.

A vote on the subject is expected in the House of Commons next Tuesday.

Unless an agreement is made, the government runs the risk of overcoming its Post-Budget Finance Bill defeated, something that has not happened since 1978.

The letter comes after more than 70 deputies, including former conservative cabinet ministries Iain Duncan Smith and Boris Johnson, aligned with laborism to challenge the prime minister and demand that the reduction be rapid.

Tracey Crouch resigned as a sports minister on the subject, suggesting that the government was capitulated under pressure from the gaming industry to delay politics.

"They lost the minister and now they lost the policy. What business," said a minister in news about the rebellion of the government's banking.

The treasury insisted that there was no delay and chancellor Philip Hammond defended the decision to put the resource in October into effect, saying it was "common sense" to allow the gaming industry to adjust to the necessary modifications.

Although there is no reference at the time of the endings of the fixed-stakes betting (FOBT) in the Bill of Finances, the aim of the rebels is to force the government's hand pointing to an increase in Remote Gaming Duty, which must rise from 15 % to 21% in October of 2019.

This increase of what is effectively a tax on online casinos aims to offset the loss of the Treasury coffers resulting from changes in the maximum participation of FOBT.

When trying to prevent the government from implementing this increase, rebel MPs expect the Treasury to have no choice but to change the Remote Gaming Duty increase back in April and allow FOBT cuts to be introduced at the same time.

The Treasury said in a statement on Tuesday: "In October 2019, the maximum bets on all fixed machines of odd fixed bets will be cut from £ 100 to £ 2.

"This is a significant change that will help stop extreme losses and protect the most vulnerable in our society.

"We consult widely with stakeholders – including charities and all parts of the gaming industry – before considering all the tests and making a final decision."

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