Saturday , April 17 2021

24-year-old crash racer killed during an accident running at the Sebring International Raceway

SEBRING, Fla. – The Highlands County deputies are investigating after a 24-year-old driver has died after firing his vehicle during a Thursday night show.

Katarina Moller, 24, of Sarasota, Florida, was run by a dragster at Sebring International Raceway at the time of the shock. An airplane is a car powered by a jet engine.

Moller was doing his first race in the car at the Sebring regular racing event.

The accident is being investigated by the Sheriff's County Office of Highland, and researchers are asking all the spectators who attended and registered the Moller's career to call the Criminal Investigation Unit at 863-402-7250.

Moller, who passed the surname Kat, was a regular and very popular driver on the local short tracks and a driver for Larsen Motorsports in the jetster. It was in his fifth season with Larsen.

Before the race, Larsen Motorsports published a photo of Moller on Facebook, with the title, "Kat Moller is ready to compete in the Sebring International Raceway."

"We knew Kat Ben and we were great admirers of their personality and ability to drive," said Wayne Estes, president and CEO of Sebring International Raceway. "Sebring International Raceway and the entire racing community are dismayed."

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