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A letter of love to Leta Lestrange, the tragically unexplored hero of fantastic beasts: Grindelwald's crimes & # 39;

Warning: Spoilers to "Fantasy beasts: The crimes of Grindelwald " below.

One of the main problems with the new one Fantasies beasts movie, The crimes of Grindelwald, it's there in the title.

Although the latest installment of the Harry Potter spinoff franchise is another exciting adventure Eddie Redmayne & # 39; s Enigmatic and endearing Newt Scamander when he returns to Europe with his charismatic magic – there is little mystery to his main villain, given what we already know about Potter's cannon.

We know that Grindelwald is bad, with a capital "B", because it is essentially a Magic world The equivalent of 1920 of an ascending fascist leader: he wants to "Do the Great Magic World again," believing that people with magical blood deserve to govern the world, no matter how many Muggles he must suffer to achieve that goal. We also know that it is bad because Johnny Depp It has a blue ice contact lens, which it uses to pull the camera threateningly and why Right of JudeThe new dapper Dumbledore tells us that way. (And we know that Dumbledore is good – deceitful and worried about his connection with the evil villain, by the way, but ultimately just – so we trust him).

That does not leave much intrigue for Grindelwald himself, except for the romantic bond, although little realized, that he and Dumbledore shared as new mages. In fact, to the latest scenes in the movie, most of the "crimes" of the villains are being sent to the footmen, including the murder of a new family so that he can use his apartment in Paris. (There is a truly bony parallel Potter fanatics when the magician screams badly when he finds himself with the child of the dead marriage – for a moment, another "boy who has lived", but even that obstacle is defeated by a subordinate to eliminate.

In addition, we know how it all ends. We know that he will finally defeat Dumbledore and will lose, we know he will have Elder Wand taken from him. We know he will die in exile by the hand of his ex-friend-with-blood-pact-benefits, and that another dark magician will take his cause for a world ruled by a magical minority. We even notice, in the medium term, that his great final gesture in the final act of the film, a manifestation of his sympathizers in a cemetery in France, will be a trap. And that's it.

Truth is not just a problem with Grindelwald. Some of the most attractive characters in the movie are the ones we know at least Potter Canon and exploit, in various degrees, in this new installment: among them Ezra MillerThe credibility of Barebone, Katherine WaterstonTina Goldstein and, above all, Zoe Kravitz& # 39; SLeta Lestrange.

Fans know Leta from the first Fantasies beasts – Newt takes the picture with him and says Queenie (Alison Sudol) were friends during their time at Hogwarts – butCrimes of GrindelwaldIt gives us a closer look at the character, as well as its complicated relationship with the Scamander brothers. (Callum Turner It is perfectly emitted as the younger brother of Newt, Teseo, an auror who seems proud to follow all the rules that his brother brothers. It is also, as it turns out, the girlfriend of Leta.)

Kravitz finds himself as a devalued star of the film, which unfortunately relegates most of the true fascination and tragic history of his character to an exhibition assembly crowded just before the last piece. From the start, Newt finds it at the Magic Ministry of London, but we understand that both share a significant emotional bond and a movie full of spectacular special effects and an impressive work of animation, some of the most exciting sequences are the much simpler Flashbacks to his time together in Hogwarts.

The last name of Leta appears Potter The fans pause, just as they give the ammunition to their companions so that they disagree, but unlike some of their relatives, it is a legacy that transports happily for their tumultuous life, not loved by their evil father and left aside to a more desirable male heir.

"Being an Lestrange is something interesting," Kravitz told ET of his character in the premiere of his thriller, Twins, early this year. "She is not just an evil girl, she only had a very complicated past and was misunderstood. I think Lestranges as a family are misunderstood people."

It is clear that Leta always had an ally in Newt, equally rejected by her colleagues. We do not even know that Newt taking the fall for Leta was what led to his expulsion from Hogwarts in the first place. And while Magizoologist's friends express their concern about their persistent feelings towards their brother's girlfriend, it's obvious from Kravitz's performance that there is a connection that still stays in Leta's final.

"You're very good, Newt," warns him at the end of the movie. "You never met a monster you could not love."

And then, she dies. (At least, I think that's what we must believe that happens when Grindelwald uses his furious blue flames to turn dissidents and attack auroras at Thanos's dust.) With little more than a "I love you" sent in the direction of Scamander brothers – leaving his goal of interpretation – Leta hides the offer of infamy and acceptance of Grindelwald and is destroyed in a fire of something less than glory.

But whyWhat?

Fascinating as it is, Leta is lost a bit in the enormous amount of stories that The crimes of Grindelwald Packages in their run time of 133 minutes, and their death unfortunately leaves a series of unanswered questions. It's hard not to leave the movie thinking that every time the screen appears, the reprimand of Depp goes on to hide in a Parisian room that would be best spent in a story like her: a multi-racial Slytherin witch with rays of darkness and light in it, which It has one of the keys to the mystery of the family history of Credence. In fact, it is necessary to argue that, with a little more exploration in the history of Leta, this plot could easily be titled The crimes of the Lestrange family.

So, here is the hope that we will see more of the character of Kravitz in the future Fantasies beasts The movies – if only in flashbacks – to learn more about his time at Hogwarts with Newt, what happened in the interceding years and how he ended up with Teseo. His memory will surely be summoned to inform the relations of the brothers in the future movies of the franchise; It's a shame he will not be there to see him.

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