Thursday , July 29 2021

ALERT OF ALMENDRA | Winter weather warning on Monday to build snow, light roads


The whole area of ​​St. Louis is under an Advisory on winter weather for most of Monday while a new round of snow is expected.

The advice is in effect at 6 a.m. At 9 p.m., the National Meteorological Service warned.

The accumulation of snow is possible and "the roads can become slippery once the snow begins," said the NWS.

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Drivers need to have some extra time to get to where they go on Monday, especially afternoon and afternoon.

The cold air will be in force as the humidity of a development system moves. All indications point to the accumulation of light for much of the area.

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There may be a slightly heavier snow band, but exactly where it is configured is still in doubt. The best chance to see just over an inch of snow is around the St. metro. Louis and more to the southwest, although it may be a bit of rain with the snow that has accumulation.

The precipitation moves after the lunch hour, with the rain changing the snow in the afternoon. The impacts will be smaller to the north of the I-70.

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The night of trip on Monday may have lines and a lower visibility where precipitation is falling. No power cuts are expected, but be cautious when traveling.

The cooler air will emerge on Tuesday afternoon on Tuesday with high temperatures struggling to reach 30 ° Tuesday evenings after sun.

Stay 5 on your side for updates on this system while it is being developed.

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