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British pilots attacked a UFO, intelligence agencies are preparing for the worst: the video

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The pilots of several airlines reported that they saw flying objects not identified in the skies by Great Britain. Informed by the Daily Mail.

The Boeing 787 British Airways flew from Montreal to London when the pilot saw in the sky "very bright light that instantly disappeared." According to him, the UFO appeared for the first time on the left and then turned sharply to the north. The management service has not registered any flying object on the radar.

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The pilot of the Virgin Airlines, Manager who made an Orlando flight to Manchester, noticed in the sky a "meteor or other object, making the entrance to the atmosphere".

The publication reports that the strange fire also noticed the unknown driver of the Irish airline. The Irish aviation authority initiated the investigation of this case.

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Before it was reported that the surface of the red planet was the "Star wars" alien.

This was reported on the official website of UFO investigator Scott Waring.

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Scott could see two bodies. One of them seemed like the man had hands and feet, but otherwise it looked like a reptile.

The second creature resembled the legendary villain Waring from the Star wars movie – Jabba the Hutt. According to the ufologist, the creature first took a comfortable position and died.

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Why did the UFO come to the conclusion that the creators of the epic "Star wars" had some knowledge about the members of an alien species and, therefore, they accurately incorporated their image into the movie.

We will remember, on the official NASA website, a photo with the description in the Utah desert that crashed after the discovery of the space agency's radar and demolished a helicopter from the United States.

Previously, Znayu reported that Canadians saw in the sky unidentified flying objects that managed to capture in video. The boat appeared on Quebec.

Also Znayu wrote in the video cameras of the International Space Station (ISS), ufologists discovered a strange flying object of large size, moving in the opposite direction of the station.


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