Saturday , April 17 2021

Bump oil pushes global stocks

The concentration in oil prices helped stable markets in Europe and Asia on Friday, even when Brexit appeared in the fund.

Brent crude oil prices rose more than 2% to $ 68.05 a barrel on Friday. That placed the world benchmark in its third consecutive day of gains after steep falls at the beginning of the week sending it to the bearish market territory, commonly defined as a 20% drop from a recent peak.

US futures indicated a 0.5% decline for S & P 500 after the index rose 1.1% on Thursday to take advantage of a five-session loss thanks to a concentration in technological actions.

Investors in Europe remained focused on the latest political developments in the United States after several resignations from the government of Prime Minister Theresa May on Thursday. This caused that the European populations and the pound sterling sank as it grew that the plan to leave the European Union of the U.K. he was waking up.

The Stoxx Europe 600 rose 0.2% on Friday, favored by the mining and energy gains. The British pound also stabilized after there were no further resignations from the United States government, rising 0.2% against the dollar after its biggest daily decline in more than two years on Thursday. But in an ominous signal, investors sold US bank stocks again, with shares in the Royal Bank of Scotland PLC 2.9% less that it fell almost 10% on Thursday.

Brexit "will continue to be very important for US assets," said Salmam Ahmed, chief of investment at Lombard Odier Asset Management. Markets will probably "put pressure" on US politicians as they seek to reach an agreement to leave the EU, he added.

The EE markets UU. Broadly sharpened the political titles of Thursday in Europe, with most analysts considering that they pose a bit of risk to the wider global economy.

But investors are still scandalous, as demonstrated by large intraday price swings in US indices in the last few sessions. This volatility has come in the midst of dramatic changes in oil prices, a slowdown in global growth, investments reassessing the prospects for US technology companies and the concerns that US revenues could reach peak.

The oil field is taken to a grinding unit during a major opening event for the Suncor Fort Hills oil extraction site in Alberta, Canada.

The oil field is taken to a grinding unit during a major opening event for the Suncor Fort Hills oil extraction site in Alberta, Canada.


Ben Nelms / Bloomberg News

Despite these strong winds, Mr. Ahmed said he did not expect a sharp and prolonged decline in stocks given its forecasts for trend growth in much of the world next year.

"It has only been in very rare cases where risk assets enter a proper bear market without a recession," said Mr Ahmed.

"The underlying strong foundations mean that the probability of a global recession next year is almost zero," he added.

In Asia, the Shanghai Composite Index of China closed 0.4%, while Korea's index of Kospi went up 0.2%. Nikkei's average Japanese fell 0.6%.

Bonus markets remained calm on Friday, while the 10-year Treasury bill performance slightly changed at 3,115%, according to Tradeweb. The yields of ten-year titles in the United States rose a little after submerging in the previous session as local investors sought refuges.

In currencies, the WSJ Dollar index, which measures the dollar against a basket of 16 more currencies, was flat.

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