Wednesday , May 12 2021

Drunk raccoons in crab apples fear angry

Raccoons are loose in West Virginia, and they are not rabid: they are simply trashed, police said.

Officers in the city of Milton – about 35 miles west of Charleston – are the warning residents to be looking for "shocking and disoriented" raccoons that are intoxicated after eating many crab apples that fermented on the tree.

Local residents called the authorities on crazy creatures for concern that they could have anger.

The police say he solved the cabin after catching one of the animals on Monday.

"So, Ptl Scarberry made his first apprehension today, wearing this masked bandit in custody with the assistance of Sgt Collins and several residents of the neighborhood. They had called suspicious raccoons rabid twice in the last two days. It turns out they seem to drink in crab apples . Ptl Withers took a day yesterday at Brickyard Ave with the help of the city's street department, "reads a Facebook page post from the Milton Police Department.

Even so, the police warned to stay away from the raccoons.

"If you see a surprising and disoriented raccoon, do not give in. You could be ill, so call us and we'll take care of you. Welcome to Milton Dallas," continues the post on Facebook.

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