Boise's former football player, Jack Fields Jr., was assassinated and killed Thursday by a deputy after Fields stabbed the officer while resenting the prison, second a release by the Georgia Research Office. The fields were 25 years old.

According to the release, Fields stabbed Sheriff deputy Stephan Psillos, county of Richmond County (GA). Several times in the lobby of a Residence Inn in Augusta, Ga., Before being shot by the deputy at 8 in the morning.

"During the meeting, the deputy Psillos tried to put wives in Fields, at which time Campos resisted the arrest," said Georgia's public statement of Investigation. "Fields took out a knife from his raincoat and attacked the deputy Psillos several times. The deputy Psillos fired his service weapon, marking Campos."

Patrick Morgan, a special agent in charge of the Georgia Office of Investigation, told USA TODAY Sports over the telephone on Friday that the investigation was still under way. He said that Psillos, who has been with the Sheriff's Office of Richmond County since July 2017, has been the only officer in office in service but that about 10 witnesses in the hotel were interviewed as part of the investigation. Morgan said that once Psillos is interviewed about the incident once he recovers from his injuries.

Morgan said that minutes after the gun of Psillos was fired, several other deputies came to the scene and tried to make first aid in Fields, which was finally declared dead on the scene.

There was an autopsy scheduled for Friday. Once the investigation is complete, the district court lawyer Augusta (Ga.) Will review the case.

Fields played at Boise State from 2012 to 2015 and ran to 336 yards as a reserve running in its four seasons, according to the school athletics website. He was twice academically academic at the Mountain West Conference. In February 2015, in an altercation in Wardrobe's dressing, Fields beat his uncle Rick Smith partner, according to a report by Idaho statesmen.