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Flipping Out Jeff Lewis Announces BF's Division: "It's Changed"

It's over Jeff Lewis e Gage Edward They started roads after more than eight years together.

O Flipping Out star, 48, announced news of its division during its Sirius XM program, Jeff Lewis Live, on Thursday, the 31st of January. "I have to tell … and I do not think this is really bad news, but Gage really left the house last night," revealed the personality of reality television.

"So he entered a hotel," explained Lewis. "This has been a long time coming. We have been in separate rooms for a long time … We had many discussions about it … it was like a roommate situation. And I think the reason we did not take the Aid Band and It really has been separated because, A, we have the baby and neither wants to leave the baby. And then, also, financially, was not the best time. "

Lewis went on to detail the last months of confusion that led to the departure of Edward from his home. "We thought we were breaking it," he said. "And then something happened around December, where I liked it, shit, this is getting real … I did not help the matter to anybody. I did not fight for the relationship, I was not the relationship."

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Jeff Lewis, his ex and his daughter on Instagram

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First cover of Monroe.

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The interior designer then noted that around the year he realized that he really did not want to split up and started to fight very hard to maintain his relationship but "it was too late." Lewis added that during his farewell conversation he told Edward, "I'm not playing and I will not be with you."

The two-year-old daughter, Monroe, whom they welcomed in October 2016 through alternates, will stay with Lewis for now.

The ex- partner was sued in June of 2018 by the woman who took to her son. The subrogant alleged that he never gave his consent Flipping Out The air of his birth, which was shown in August 2017.

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