Wednesday , May 12 2021

Hailey Baldwin Accidentally he followed an account by Selena Gomez

Let's move forward and file this under the "worst nightmare of all the girls." On November 15, Hailey Baldwin was basically crawling on Instagram. Does the goal of your social media pursue? Nothing more than the ex-girlfriend of her grandfather, Selena Gomez. Well, oh, a fan count of Selena Gomez, that is.

Of course, the 21-year-old boy was quick to reach that button without following. However, it was too late. The demo can work more, but internet stans work more. The account in question, houseofsel, led to his page to reveal what he really got down. It even included a screenshot of a Hailey DM. Yes, the legitimate model messages to the fan count, that's how it trembled that should have been.

"So, Hailey did me. I should stop blaming her for" chasing Selena "and things like that. She looks pretty and sweet," they began. Now (luck) we apologize for using the term "accept" before, but not really. "By the way, [Hailey], forgive me if what you said offended you [in any way]. The account manager basically screamed to his followers, but that is not really here or there.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that Hailey had to deal with the fandom of Selena. In fact, shortly after the singer "Back To You" was hospitalized, people began to blame Hailey. "Due to you, Selena is hospitalized. Shame! You just want Justin's money, "a user wrote about Hailey's Instagram at the moment." If it's your fault it will die. Are you happy now? "He added another. Hundreds of faithful followers of Selena also left emojis snakes and comments that said" Queen Selena. "

Of course, Selena's love for a long time Justin Bieber was not "You are not free from guilt. "All these problems are for you. Go and f-k yourself ", a user commented on the Instagram of the singer." While you are having fun moments with your girlfriend you will never love him [much] As Selena did, poor Selena is suffering only in the hospital, "added another.

Yikes! Perhaps the problem is not these A-listers. Maybe it's people who are apparently deceived in social networks … and that's the tea.

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