Tuesday , May 18 2021

Hailey Baldwin proudly wears a blazer jacket with a new nickname

Hailey Baldwin is loving her new married name!

The 21-year-old model went to a party to open a new Levi store in Times Square in New York on Thursday, where she proudly presented a jean jacket printed with "Bieber" on the back.

As it was seen in the photos published in the Instagram stories of the fashion brand, the jacket was created for Baldwin, who secretly tied the knot with Justin Bieber in September.

Instagram Stories

The blonde beauty seemed to love the cozy piece, smiling as a photographer broke the photo.

Instagram Stories

One day later, Baldwin exchanged a swollen coat of designer Nicole Benisti's luxury Canadian designer in denim suits. The model shared a picture of itself as the fashion piece of its Instagram source, which received a great love of Bieber in the comments section.

"Water just too much," he launched. "Turn me to me."


ET confirmed last month that, through a lawyer, Baldwin was introduced to register "Hailey Bieber" for the purpose of a clothing line. She also registered her maiden name, "Hailey Baldwin", as well as "HRB3" under her company, Rhodedeodato Corp.

Listen to the latest video about the little birds of the following video.


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