Friday , May 14 2021

Hassan Whiteside's $ 50K assault rifle was stolen from his unlocked car

Hassan Whiteside's M16 assault rifle was stolen from his unlocked Rolls Royce while he was in a gun store in Miami last summer.

According to the police reports obtained by Andy Slater of WMEN 640 AM, Whiteside bought the $ 50,000 weapon along with a rifle bag, ammunition and muffler in Miami on July 5.

The rifle and ammunition were later recovered on July 23 in a stolen vehicle in North Miami. In a statement released Thursday, Whiteside admitted he should have better protected the weapon.

"I have a license for the gun that stole me during the summer," said Whiteside. "I should have improved this and I am glad I recovered.

"It will not happen again. Now it is locked in a safe and only the use within reach of the weapon."

Hassan Whiteside: "I feel like my habitual being"

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